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Jun 112008

Solar ChargerHow cool is this? A solar charger for the iPod and other small electronic devices. This little gadget could be a life saver when out on the beach and your tunes stop pumping or your cell phone is dying and you are no where near and outlet.

Now mind you it isn’t going to work at night or in a deep dark forest, but it certainly could come in handy when at the beach or the park. Added bonus of making you all the cooler because you are helping to save the environment by not using up all the precious oil to power your gadgets with household electricity. Everybody needs a Soldius 1 solar charger from!

May 172008

Crush or FlushCrush or Flush is a mash up of an online social network (myspace, facebook, etc) and a hook up hotline. An innovative way to meet people that’s for sure. You sign up for Crush or Flush with you cell phone number. You can use the system online or your phone. Simply review profiles and choose crush if you like them and want to hook up via chat or flush if you don’t like them. They never know who flushed them so you don’t have to worry about hurt feelings. It really is as easy as that.

So if you’re into meeting people online crush or Flush might be the site for you. Check them out.

May 092008

It’s a small world after all and with technology it is getting even smaller. It is amazing to think we can pick up a phone and speak to someone half way around the world. I never gave international calling much thought, but I live in an area with a high immigrant population, which makes me wonder sometimes how big their phone bills must be. You move away from your family and friends to make a better life for yourself, but you still want to keep in touch and hear their voices. Luckily there are international calling cards, which can be a fraction of what you phone service would charge you.

With you can get low rates on all your international calls like Mexico calling cards that let you call from the USA for only a penny a minute.

Apr 302008

Looking for answers to some questions brought up by my friend about the ATT Go Phone commercial featuring Meat Loaf and got no where with Yahoo Answers. Not that it was my first choice. [This is a good example of how user supplied content can go awry.]

 Yahoo Answers, what’s the point? I assume they set this up to give people actual answers to their questions, but thus far I have not found anything good or accurate about the site. It is nothing more than a forum. My suggestion to people it to head to or search on Wikipedia, but still take your answers you get with a grain of salt. But for Yahoo Answers take those with an entire shaker of salt. Because the questions are ill formed and the answers are incomplete. You’ll find better answers by looking elsewhere.

Example: Googled Meat Loaf Go Phone Commercial [I wanted to know who was in the commercial with him]. I feel Google is at fault here too for ranking this idiotic site so high. The third result was for Yahoo Answers to this question:

“If you can remember 8 tracks, or the “Time Warp” then you probably won’t know Meat Loaf. Is that Ellen Foley (Paradise by the Dashboard Lights) with him in the commercial? I know Meat has two daughters, but does he have a son?”

The question was marked resolved with this answer:

“The wife in the commercial is 80’s pop star Tiffany.”

This only partly answers the question as Meat Loaf only has two daughters and no sons. To completely answer the question they could have told us who the actor playing the son is as well.

My problem with this whole system is with the incorrect and incomplete answers but sometimes it lies in the questions too. Like this question. I remember 8 tracks and the Time Warp and I certainly do know who Meat Loaf is. How could anyone who knows the Time Warp NOT know who Meat Loaf is? EDDIE!

Oh, I found the answer to who is the son in the commercial. According to Best Week Ever he is played by Adam Cagley.

Tiffany is getting to be quite the guest shot star herself. She was recently in the Robin Sparkles video on the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

Jan 032008

Get off the freaking phone people! Why do people think their phone conversations are more important than their own safety and the safety of others? The dangers are everywhere from people driving while talking to walking out in front of moving vehicles.

Many states have already made it illegal to use your cell while driving. Wish they would include hands-free headset talking in those laws as well. Even though they are not holding the phone in their hands their brains are not on the driving. I see people driving too slow for traffic, swerving into other lanes and almost rear-ending other drivers all the time. I really hope that Pennsylvania enacts a no cell phone law soon.

I believe NY has even made it illegal to cross the street while using a cell phone. Not a bad idea. Heck, just the other day I was pulling out of my parking spot and out of nowhere this guy on his phone punches the back of my car. I had looked both directions and directly behind me before starting to back out. He should have seen my car was moving and the reverse lights before stepping behind my car. But the idiot was too busy talking on his phone to be aware of his surroundings and of what was going on. I am glad I did not actually hit him, but it would have served him right for not paying attention.

I even believe that our recent accident was caused by the other driver using his phone and not paying attention to what he was doing behind the wheel when he made that left hand turn right in front of us. If I could prove that I would be suing his ass.