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Jan 232010

Mom has been gone for over a year now…still hard to believe she is gone.

Still every time I get a hair cut and walk into the house or visit her grave, I half expect to her in a disappointed tone, “You’ve cut your hair again.”

That was our normal greeting every single time I got a hair cut. I always hated that, but now, that I will never hear it again, I miss it.

Guess I always will.

May 252009

My grandfather used to call Memorial Day, Decoration Day. It was the day they would go to the cemetery and decorate the graves of the service men and other family members. So I thought I would wish everyone out there a happy Decoration Day and hop that you took some time out today to remember the reason you had off work today.

Someone on Twitter sent me a link to an interesting article on Memorial Day/Decoration Day (they say Decoration Day was a southern thing, but my grandfather was a PA Dutchman through and through). The article, Memorial Day bivouac of the dead: hallowed, haunted Gettysburg, was written by MaryEllen O’Brien and has a more spiritual angle than military.

I just watched a really good program on PBS called Hallowed Ground. It is all about the US cemeteries through out Europe that mark the finally resting places of 40% of the men and women who fought for freedom in WWI and WWII.

I did not know so many cemeteries were over there. It would make a very interesting group tour sometime.

Feb 272009

War Dog MemorialThe Hartsdale Pet Cemetery near New York City has made it to the Top 10 Places of Rest list “alongside the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt” according to ZooToo Pet News website. Lonely Planet published the list in their book 2009 Best of Travel (I assume it is a book of lists about traveling in 2009). I don’t know about the rest of the book but this list in particular interests me quite a bit and I will be adding it to my TO DO LIST (which may or may not ever get done).

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery is the world’s oldest operating pet cemetery started way back in 1896 by Dr. Samuel Johnson. It also happens to be America’s first pet cemetery.

Poking around their website they have a war dog memorial at the cemetery that I would really like to see at some point. Maybe this summer we can take a trip up there (if my car can make it that far).

May 302008

Gravesite Masters knows how to handle grief in fact they can even handle it for you. Whether you simply can’t bear to go back after burying a loved one or you live to far away to get back to the grave as often as you want they take care of it for you. Gravesite Masters offers up products and services you won’t readily find just anywhere. Best part is most of their services are nationwide.

Their services range from flower arrangements, both artificial and fresh cut, to flower planting and expand to headstone cleaning and monument repair. But they don’t stop there. They also have wreaths, vases, plant holders, and flag holders. Some of these cemetery products I thought were only available from the cemetery itself. Nice to know they are readily available. Oh, and the Gravesite Master wreaths are suitable for the grave or the home. They really are lovely.

Gravesite Masters also offers sympathy gifts like throws and framed prints with inspirational quotes. But what strikes me as truly amazing is the graveside service. They can deliver your flowers directly to the grave. Any grave, anywhere. That is just fantastic. While services like the flower delivery are nationwide other services are more specialized, like monument repair, and therefore can only be done in specific locations.

Gravesite Masters is one of the most unique online shops on the net. And it is filling the needs many others simply ignore.