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Dec 202012

Christmas will be here in a few days then…It’s almost time to say “thank you.”

Who do you need to thank this year? thank you cards

Your family, your boss, your spouse, your co-workers…anyone who got you a Christmas gift (or for whom you are thankful this year). In a week, it will be time to thank them for their wonderful (and even not so wonderful) gifts. Writing thank you notes seems to be a lost art.

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You know you don’t need a gift from someone to let them know you’re thankful for them!

Dec 262008

Today (26th) is when it all goes horribly, horribly wrong. I got up after sleeping in to go run a few errands and then off for another leg ultrasound to see how or if my veins working. Before I head out I got a call from Pastor Charles telling me that Dad had Mom at the hospital emergency room. That she had gone in with a really bad headache and they were testing her for a stroke and/or something else (I cannot recall what he said, just that it did not seem urgent at the time I spoke to him – mind you Mom has been through an awful lot including mild strokes, heart attack, increased inner cranial pressure, and numerous infections and has always bounced back).

It was not until I called my sister and then actually talked to my Dad that I knew something was horribly wrong. Dad told me to go on to my test, but I could tell by his voice that I should not. So I rescheduled and headed right to the hospital and I am glad I did as I would never have forgiven myself if I had continued with my normal day.

By the time I had gotten to the hospital Mom had already been taken to a room in the ICU and was placed on a ventilator to protect her airway. They said it was because her breathing had slowed in the ER after she was given pain medication. I don’t know if my sister got there while she was still coherent enough to talk to her or not. Seems she went down hill pretty fast once she had gotten to the emergency room.

The doctors had no real idea what was going on. They said it could be meningitis, a stroke or the return of the inner cranial pressure. They would not know until she had an MRI as the cat scans weren’t showing any signs of a stroke, especially if it was indeed a brain stem stroke.

She apparently coded once she was down in the MRI room as the rushed her back and called a code a code blue (did not know they still used that term) in CC (critical care). Upon hearing that I broke down. My cousin was hugging me telling me “we don’t know it is her” over and over, but I knew. I just knew it was Mom.

All mom’s brothers and sisters had gotten to the hospital by now so we had the waiting room full and the hallway. Crying nervous people all around.

A doctor came out and told us all that she did have an MI before they could do the MRI that they got her back quickly and did not think that it would cause any brain damage (at least not any more than she already had by that time). They still needed to do the MRI and scheduled it for the next day (Saturday). There was no change; they were starting IV antibiotics in case it was meningitis or another infection. They could not do a lumbar puncture since she was on blood thinners (Plavix, I won’t even get started on Plavix yet), as she could bleed into her brain and make things worse. So they could not actually test for the inner cranial pressure or meningitis for a few weeks.

We went home after being reassured they would call if there was any change.

Dec 252008

Christmas day we had a feast waiting for us prepared by Mom and Dad. We had both ham and turkey with stuffing and all the fixings. As usual everything was delicious. My mom knows how to cook (and how to tell my dad what to do to make her delicious meals — he has been her go to guy ever since she has been pretty much wheelchair bound).

After lunch we played a game of Yatzee before Beth and I had to head out to her Mom’s. I am not one for sharing the holidays I always want to stick around and spend time with my family (even if it is only sitting around in front of the TV and falling asleep), but I cannot be selfish.

We had a great time. Mom was all smiles and laughs. She seemed not only in good spirits but also good health; she was feeling good.

We had good time at Beth’s Mom’s with snacks (boy I wish I could still eat shrimp). We exchanged our gifts then headed home around 7 or 8 (sorry I don’t honestly remember when we left, but we stayed and had a good time with them before heading home to the kitties).

Dec 242008

We had a good Christmas together. Christmas eve the Haas side (Mom’s side) of the family (my Dad’s family are almost all in Virginia) get together for dinner and gift exchange. We have done this for as long as I can remember. We had a great time seeing all the aunts, uncles and cousins (there are about 50 of us if you were to sit down and count us all). Both Santa and the Belschnickel come to hand out our gifts. We always pull names at Thanksgiving, but this year I was a little sneaky. I saw my cousins family wasn’t putting their names in the hat so I swapped names with her little boy (God knows I have more than enough boy toys in this house to supply him with presents for the next few years then I can move on to his younger second cousin. (Sorry girls.)

I gave out my homemade snowmen (I should have made more everyone loved them). They also enjoyed my tres leches cake (but what self respecting PA Dutch Haas doesn’t enjoy cake covered in milk?)

After the whole family gathering we always head back to my parent’s house for our immediate family to exchange gifts. I think this little tradition started sometime after my sister and I grew up, maybe after she had kids and moved back to PA. But we started it so we could enjoy Christmas day as a family and not be thinking of gifts etc instead of the real meaning of the holiday. (We never attended church services unless Christmas landed on a Sunday. For us the holiday meant family time.)

Mom seemed upbeat enjoying what she got as much as what she gave. We all hugged and said goodnight, as we’d see each other for lunch.

Dec 242008

I talked about my Lego trains in my post yesterday, but I did not share them with you. While I was setting up the tree and trains I had a little help as you’ll see by this photo. Remember the scene in Harry Potter where Hogwarts was attacked by the giant dragon? Me either but that’s the game we were playing. 🙂

Boris train conductor

As you can see Boris decided to sit his little butt down right in the middle of the tracks and proclaim himself official Lego conductor. We both agree the 9v electric trains are sooooo much better than their new remote control trains.

When he was done playing with the trains (while they were running he was outside the tracks carefully watching as they went by him), he helped with the tree.

Boris helping get the tree out. How do we put this together again?

Okay, so maybe helped is not the right word to use. In any case we had fun getting the tree up. What more could one ask for?

Dec 242008
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Feb 082008

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