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Aug 042008

I had this pretty nice bird feeder (it is a Colonial Bird Feeder from Pet Zone), but the one window was broken out so the bird feed would not stay in the feeder. I thought, “what do you do with a broken window”. You board it up. So I set to work. First, I repaired the window by hot gluing a piece of plastic over the open window then I dry brushed the entire house to give it a weathered look. After taht I added scuply boards and other creepy decorations. Viola, a haunted bird feeder! Not sure yet if I will be using it as a bird feeder or if I will just use it as a decoration. All in all this project took me about two weeks to complete. (kind of explains where I have been doesn’t it?)

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 01 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 02 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 03 

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 04 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 05 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 06