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Mar 222010

Classic kerplunkGrowing up we did not have the game Kerplunk. Our cousin, Carla, did. So it was a fun thing we got to play whenever we went over to our Aunt’s house as kids.

I remember going up to her room and pulling out the game, putting it together and playing it (and probably losing  — I always lost no matter what games we played growing up).

Kerplunk has a very distinct sound when those marbles come crashing out. (And they never remained contained in that little tray at the bottom, so some of the fun was tracking down all marbles after they came crashing down. Kerplunk!)

A little while back I spotted a Toy Story version of the game at Target and thought I’d be back to get it. Well when I went back I could not find it any longer.

Aliens Ker PlunkThen I found it at Toys R Us, but who to play this “kids” game with?

A bunch of adults that’s who!

And you want to know something? I am pretty sure we all had a bit of fun playing it too!

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Aug 232008

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was very good. Most people seem to have an issue with the fact that Narnia is not the same place it was in the first film. How could it be it is 1300 years later? For once I read the book first and this was a very close rending of the original. All but one scene, that is.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was pretty good. At first Harrison ford appears really old and you think how the heck is he going to pull this off. Surprisingly he does and you soon forget how Old he really is. The only thing I didn’t like was the ending (sorry spoiler alert)… I didn’t mind the whole alien thing or even the space ship leaving I the thing I did not like was how the 13 skeletons became one living breathing alien. They were dead and dead is dead even in alternate dimensions. A friend of mine did not like that Indy wasn’t on a search for a religious object. I beg to differ and say the crystal skulls are a religious object just not a Christian one. Perhaps after another viewing I’ll see past the resurrected alien and like it a bit better. Who knows.

Wall-e – This little robot will steal your heart. I just pretty much loved this whole flick. When I first heard the Wall-e soundtrack I couldn’t help wondering why they included the two songs from Hello Dolly. This becomes clear once seeing the film. The beginning is a little slow, but worth it. My only complaint (and not really sure it is a complaint] is that Wall-e did not affect more of the humans on the ship prior to the big final scene. I just think his presence on the ship would have caused more than two people to “awake” from their self-absorbed worlds before the big ending. Overall this is an excellent film worth both a big screen viewing and addition to my DVD collection when it comes out.

Hell boy 2 – I don’t usually get to say this, but this sequel was just as good as the first film. Had I not known this going in to the film I would have said the guy from Pan’s Labyrinth must of had something to do with this, and well, yes he did. Boy does it show, but in a good way. Visually stunning. But we get more than just new other worldly characters to look at, the story is good and our main characters are developed further as well. The scene that stands out the most for me has Hellboy and Abe singing to a Manilow song. You really have to see it. This film is well worth the big screen price tag.

Batman: The Dark Knight – Well here I go again this sequel is just as good (may even be better) than the first one. I tried to stay away from too many spoilers on this film before seeing it, which was a little hard to do after Heath Ledger died. It really is a darn shame too because he made one hell of a great Joker and it would have been nice to see him play the part again. The few glimpses I saw of the film before hand had me worried they were putting too many villains in one film like the last batch of Batman movies. But it is nicely done. Heck you don’t even need to see the first film to go see this one. We do get a glimpse of Scarecrow at the beginning, but the story is all about the Joker and Harvey Dent. By the end of the film I was getting a little tired of Christian Bale’s Batman voice. It actually started to grate on my nerves. I don’t mind his regular speaking voice too much even with his speak impediment, but when he lowers his voice for the Bat it just really bothers me. (And not just me but the two people that went with me said the same thing.) Since we saw the film it seems many other people have posted their reviews and have pretty much said the same thing.

Nov 282007

I just finished watching Ratatouille this morning and I have to say it was not too bad. It is not a kids cartoon as it has no real hook to keep a child’s attention. Heck, I know several adults who lost interest in the film half way through it.

The story is cute and has a lesson to be learned in the last five minutes thanks to the food critic Ego on how we as a society like to write and read criticisms [perhaps this is why my little blog here gets so many hits].

Just don’t expect your kids to want to sit through this film more than once and then maybe not even that first time. This one is a rental not a purchase.

Nov 142007

I love Pooh Bear. He’s all stuffed with fluff, you know?

I really thought the black cloud hanging over me when going out to eat [which is not Pooh with a balloon] was slowly moving on, but it appears to have returned.

A week ago we had dinner at the Red Lobster. It really was a good experience. The food was good [can’t go wrong with shrimp in any form] and the service was top notch. Really the only complaint I could have had was I found two shells in my Lobster bisque. I did not bite into them and I cannot fault the restaurant for using actual real lobster, now can I? This good experience has lead me to believe things would start to look up. But it was only a break in the storm.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Applebee’s for a second time. No I have not been back yet. But after that initial complaint I was told they would send out a gift certificate to make us happy and keep us coming back. Well almost three weeks later and no mail has come. It was only being mailed about 2 miles so it should have been here long ago. So I gave them a call and gentle reminder. We shall see.

But last night I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Alebrije. I ordered one of my usual dishes which I normally LOVE. Last night I was not so lucky. Not only was it merely luke warm the steak was extremely salty. I thought maybe it was the sauce, no. It was the meat. I could not eat more than a third of it and had to ask them to take it off the bill. Thank god[dess] for flan or I would have left there hungry, which would have been a first for me when leaving that restaurant.

In case my post title threw you off here are the lyrics to the song sung by Winnie the Pooh Bear in Disney’s cartoon:

I’m just a little black rain cloud
hovering under the honey tree,
Only a little black rain cloud,
pay no attention to little me.

Everyone knows that a rain cloud
never eats honey, no, not a nip.
I’m just floating around over the ground,
wondering where I will drip.

May 262007

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End. [At our usual time. The first showing of the day on Saturday morning. We will never see a film at night again the local audiences are too disrespectful of the other film patrons.]

It was pretty good. The first two are better but this really ties things up. While I heard this is supposed to be the last I think they left wiggle room for a fourth if they really want the money. If you are expecting nonstop action this is not the film for you. There is plenty of action but it only takes up about one third of the three hours of the film. Kids behind us were bored and talking and kicking the seats so maybe you wanna leave them behind, perhaps.

 Oh, and a heads up. If you have not already heard this be sure and stay through the entire run of the credits. There is a tiny little scene at the end that seems to be an integral part of the storyline even though it is left for a mostly missed part of the film. So stick it out. [Sorry no spoilers here].