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Feb 142010

I have often seen (and have even written about) the great prices on eyeglasses you can get from Zenni Optical, but until I recently read the article, “Cheap eyeglasses are a reality. Check out Eric’s review of Zenni Optical” over at I hadn’t really given buying my glasses from them more than a second thought. Now I have not only given them a second thought I have been spending time on their site shopping for both my daily eye wear and my next pair of sunglasses. I haven’t had a pair of sunglasses since my car accident over two years ago.

I do have to have a new eye exam, which will most likely be the most expensive part of getting new glasses since deciding to use Zenni Optical for my eyeglasses. So finally I will have a new pair of sunglasses in the correct prescription so I can not only protect my eyes from harmful UV rays this summer but I will be able to see while driving in all this winter sun glare on the roads.

So once I have my prescription (and my pupilary distance — you’ll need this to place your order with Zenni Optical), I will be getting my new eyeglasses & prescription sunglasses in a few short weeks. Yes that is longer than it would take me to get them through somewhere like Target Optical, but with Zenni Optical I will get my quality glasses a whole lot cheaper!

Update: Apparently Zenni Optical was caught by Google in their attempts at buying keywords for SEO. I was contacted and told to change the link on my post. Interesting since my site is not busy and not spammy, but apparently they are. Makes you wonder if the glasses are worth the cheaper price after all? I have family that swears by them, But I never did try them and most likely won’t now (unless they offer me a free pair for my honest opinion).

Jan 052009

I had to go to the hospital for tests (more ultrasounds on my legs because of the accident) the Friday after mom’s funeral. It was hard enough going back into a hospital only days after my mother just died in one, but given the reception (or lack there of) at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Reading it is a wonder I did not snap. My appointment was at 1pm, bad time because most likely everyone takes there lunch from 12 to 1. When I first arrived there was no one in the reception area that I was directed to for patient registration. So I popped out to ask the person at the window I had just passed, but she was now gone. As I was going back into the waiting area a couple was coming in as well. I held the door for them and said something about nobody being here. Just then a lady popped out of an office a started to take the couples info. When I spoke up about being there first she got downright nasty to me saying she saw them come in first (DUH, I held the door for them as I came back in the room). After a little argument with her she finally took me in first.

Yes, I could have waited a few minutes, but as I said it was bothering me even being in the hospital in the first place and her treatment of me become a real issue for me. Why would any hospital have someone with such a horrible disposition working the desk where patients need some kindness and compassion? She had no idea why I was there or what my back-story was yet she treated me like dirt. I could have been there for a very serious test and been extremely worried about my health and the outcome of said test. If that were the case I certainly should have been handled with kid gloves not in the harsh manner that I was. In fact ever person walking into that room should be treated in a kinder, gentler manner than how she addressed me since you never know why they are there in the first place.

Once I was finally registered (by another person thankfully) I was directed to another unmanned waiting area. After my last experience I decided to stay put this time and wait to see if anyone ever bothered to show up. Someone eventually did and took me back for my test.

The lady that gave me my ultrasound that day was so kind and personable that it almost made up for the treatment I received when I first walked in that hospital. While I was back there they called a code blue (you all know what that is) and I got really upset as the memories flooded back to me. I told her that my mother had just passed away to explain my tears. She reached out and touched my leg telling me how sorry she was. I could tell that she was showing genuine compassion for me. She also told me if she were me she would not be having this test done. (But I knew Mom wanted me to find out why my legs are still so bad even a year after the accident, so I went.)

After my test was over I thanked her repeatedly for her kindness and for explaining what she was seeing during the ultrasound (techs won’t usually do that they leave it to the doctors who don’t really tell you anything). I just wanted to make sure she knew how much I had appreciated her that day.

Now St. Joe’s needs to find a few more of her to deal with the patients as they walk through the door and get rid of that grouchy one they have now.

May 112008

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Apr 012008

I know it has got to be me. I know I am a bit of a bitch most of the time, but come on. I called my doctor’s office again for an easy task. One they have performed on many occasions. I just needed a new referal for my allergy doctors so my insurance would continue to pay for it.

Well the woman that picked up the phone was extremely rude [like the other day when I called for an appointment]. I swear there is only one nice person in that entire office. From now on when I call in I am automatically just going to ask for her. I don’t know what I will do if she ever leaves or retires. Guess I will look for a new doctors office.

Instead of the normal easy phone call I am given the third degree. Okay it was not the third degree but I was asked for all this information [provider id, fax number, my insurance number] that I am not normally asked for. In fact it is all stuff they should have in my file after two years of them doing this for me. When I finally had enough and asked for the nice nurse by name there was a long pause and Nasty McGee came back on the phone and said she had everything she needed in my file [duh] and would fax it to them for me. Couldn’t she just have done that in the first place?

But as I have said earlier it must be me. Even over the phone they see how easy it is to piss me off and try their hardest. I thought I had read some where that more and more hospitals and doctors offices were taking the whole customer service values to heart. Guess it hasn’t reached this little rinky dink office yet. When it does I know a few nurses who need some seminars.

Mar 272008

Why aren’t people in the medical field more compassionate? When people are sick they need to feel some compassion from the people they are entrusting to make them well again. My mom had some bad experiences when she had her recent stay in the hospital and so did I after my auto accident.

Just today I called my family doctor to set up an appointment to have my legs checked. I am having an awful lot of swelling in them at night when I get home from work. Besides that I also wanted to see the other doctor in the practice since I don’t exact feel like I have gotten the best of care from my primary physician on this case.

Well the person who answered the phone was very short with me and would not let me get a word in edgewise. I understand they might be busy but please take the time to fully listen to the person before jumping down there throat or to conclusions about them or their problems. I wasn’t even going to be allowed to see the other doctor once I finally got the chance to request them.

Doctors need to listen to their patients and they need to hire nurses that will do the same. It is all about the customer service and both hospitals and doctors need to learn that.

At this point I am locked into this office as my primary physician with my insurance so I guess my first steps are to find out how to go about changing that then go and find a new doctor, one who might actually care about their patients if there are any out there.