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Sep 282007

bawlsI recently read on about the Bawls Guarna drinks and thought I would like to try it. But I did not want to pay the high cost of shipping something I never even tasted via the post office.

Then I ran into the drink at my local convenience store and picked one up. High caffeine made me think perhaps I should try this in the morning so I let it sit until the next day.

My first impressions of the drink were, “not bad” and I stand by those first impressions. I do not think I would drink this on a regular basis, but will pick it up from time to time for the added boost, but not the taste. The taste was a little odd. The only way I can describe it is a liquid donut. It took me a while to figure it out but it tasted just like a glazed donut. In fact I had to run out and grab a Krispy Kreme Doughnut just to double check.

 It sure had the promised kick and I can certainly see where I would have been up all night had I drank it the night before. [Finally I do something right.]

Here is what has to say about their drink…

Made from guarana, a highly caffeinated berry native to the Amazonian rainforest, BAWLS Guarana is the carbonated beverage of tomorrow with an extra kick.

Since its inception, BAWLS Guarana’s popularity has been growing across the country and the rest of the world, finding a huge fan base from people from all walks of life who enjoy the clean, crisp taste of guarana along with a powerful rush of caffeine.

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Natural Guarana Flavor, Sodium Benzoate (as a preservative), Caffeine, Artificial Flavors and Caramel Color. Warning: These products contains high levels of Caffeine.

Nutrition Facts:
BAWLS Guarana 10 fl. oz – Serving size: 1 bottle; Calories 120; Total fat 0g; Sodium 35mg; Total carbohydrate 32g; sugars 32g; Protein 0g;

Sep 062007

I don’t know what it is with me and restaurants, but I am always having problems with them. Maybe I am just too picky, but I don’t think that’s the case. Don’t get me wrong I am picky. Food has to be good and what I ordered. But above all I am a stickler for customer service. If that is not there then it can ruin the entire meal.

Well I had all those problems with tonight’s meal.

We have ordered from this place before. Cobe’s Pizza Zone in Laureldale, PA []. Usually we get pretty good service meaning correct orders and fast delivery, but of late that has really changed. The food was always pretty good too. Not 4 star restaurant good but better than dive good. It was a great place to get a sandwich or stromboli when you were too lazy to cook. But that too has gone down hill in a hurry.

Sometimes I do get all hopped up and stop frequenting a place because they screwed up, but this place was given four more chances and they blew three out of those four. So this was definitely the last straw. I am done.

100_1368.JPG Tonight I ordered a California Cheeseburger and that’s what I got, sort of. It was a burger and it had cheese, but no bun! [I have had this sandwich many times before so I know how it is usually made]. Okay, so it had bread but not the normal bun. It was a BAGEL!!! Not at all what I was expecting and definitely not the taste I was after.

When I called and asked for the owner I was handed off to someone who tried to tell me that is was a bun and I think he offered to make another and send it out to me, but now I think I was wrong on that. Because after I complained about his buns not be buns I turned on his dried out, tough, flavorless pierogis with burnt onions. I was told in no uncertain terms that is how they make them and no one has ever complained before then he hung up. So I called back and asked for the owner again. I was again handed over [I think to the same guy, but I am not sure] to someone. bagel burger 2I explained that I may have been disconnected or hung up on without my situation being resolved and I needed to know if someone was coming out with the right food or a refund. He did not know and said he had to talk to the owner thought I asked to speak to the owner?!?! Who was I talking to? He gruffly told me the buns were what the bakery gave him [I would look for a new bakery] and that they were bun [excuse they are bagels]. He went on to say the driver did not collect the right amount and we would not be getting any refund or replacement. I nicely said I would be throwing away the food and their phone number and hung up. [I then did just that after taking some photos first.]

As I said this was not the first time, but it is the last time we will get this poor quality of food and service from that establishment. It first started going downhill about two months ago when I ordered a cheese steak supreme [which is a cheese steak w/ fried onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, extra sauce and cheese]. But I ordered it without the mushrooms as I do not do mushrooms. Well the new girl who took the order crossed out my sandwich and changed it to a regular cheese steak. So I did not get my extra cheese or peppers. I was sad when I got that one. That time when I called they gave me credit for the next time I ordered [okay they made good that time]. Next time I order I forgot my free sandwich but the Stromboli we ordered was about a third smaller than the last time we got one and not as good [something was up with the dough], but we ate it without direct complaint to the restaurant [so they never knew they were racking up points with us].

The time before tonight we were given that credit and the correct sandwich, but it wasn’t as good as it had been in the past. With all the problems, poor food and rotten service I guess it is no wonder we will never be returning to Cobe’s Pizza Zone. I just wanted to make sure to give you all a heads up and let you know your order with them will be like playing Russian roulette with food.

A quick rundown of the order and costs from tonight and what we paid

California Cheeseburger = $3.95
Pierogies = $2.50
Md. cheese steak = $5.95
10 Wings = $5.50

Our slip has a total of 13.15 which is the subtotal with tax before the wings were added.

Total should have been $17.90 plus 6% tax for a total of $18.97 [although you can kind of see a $19.00 on the bottom of the slip our driver only collected the $13.15 [he was asking for 13.25 but we won’t go there when they were already rounded up to their benefit]. So we paid $13.25 [that’s what the guy wanted after all] They told us the total was $19.00 [but it was actually $18.97] Then I told them to come get their crap food and refund me my money [they said no they did not owe me anything but my total after refund would have been $12.14. Looks to me like they owe me $1.12].

Aug 272007

Consider this a fair warning to always watch what is going on as you place your orders through the McDonald’s drive thru. Tonight I ran through the Mickey D’s drive thru to pick up a quick dinner for myself and a friend. Wanting it to be cheap and/or inexpensive I was specifically ordering from the dollar menu. So I knew what price everything should have been [a dollar – or so one would think].

Here is a list of what I order and how it all went so terribly wrong [this is a sarcastic overstatement to some degree]. I shall be posting a copy of the receipt and photo of their outdoor menu as well.

I ordered 2 double cheeseburger [@ $1/ea = $2], 1 McChicken [$1], 1 Medium Fries [$1.79] then added a Sweet Tea [$1] …. That’s where I went wrong. After I ordered the tea I saw things start to switch around and change on the screen and should have said something at this point. I noticed the 2 double cheeseburgers had turned into one and one meal [I did not order a meal at any point the cashier did this on her own]. I know the meals only show the cost of the food and beverage is usually separate but I did not notice that the cost of the Sweet Tea was now $1.69 instead of the before mentioned $1. All I saw at this point was $2.80 for the meal, which by the way was a penny over what I was paying individually for the same sandwich and fries.

I was going to make a point of mentioning this after I paid [I was not too concerned about a penny]. So I went a head a paid then received my receipt. That is when I noticed the drink was now $1.69 not a dollar as advertised!

I guess when I ordered that Sweet Tea the highly trained employee decided to change my order to what they felt I wanted instead of what I actually ordered. I never ordered a meal but because I bought all the components of one, they took it upon themselves to charge me more for the items I did order.

I then proceeded to the next window to pick up my food and tell them about their mistake of overcharging me by 70 cents. My pointing this out seemed to upset the woman at this window as she snapped back at me, “well that’s the price when you order a meal. You save 10%.” I barely had time to spit out I did not order the meal nor does it save me anything over the individual dollar menu pricing before she took my receipt and disappeared.

Another guy reappears with my receipt in hand and talking to someone out of sight that it indeed was more than individual prices by 74 cents [70 cents plus tax]. He had not yet addressed me so I spoke up asking for my receipt back. He grumbled something about I would get it and 74 cents back, which I did a few moments later.

What gets me the most out of all this is the fact that not once did anyone ever acknowledge that McDonald’s was in the wrong, that the employee should never have changed my order without my knowledge, nor that they were sorry they overcharged me on my order. A pleasant smile and a “we’re sorry about that” would have gone a long way at the time. Quite frankly now I feel they owe me a little more than that [a free sandwich or coupon of some sort to win me back because other then a test visit to see if they are still doing that practice in a few days I most likely will not go back there].

So beware that your value meal is not costing you an extra 18% instead of saving you the supposed 10% McDonald’s is saying it does.

Aug 262007

I picked up a case of the new Mountain Dew flavor Game Fuel over the weekend before having tried it. Big mistake! I liked all the other flavors to date, except the energy drinks. The Orange, Cherry and even Grape were all good, but this one is just not right. It comes in a Halo 3 can called Gaming Fuel and it looks really cool. Don’t let that fool you.

The only way that I can describe the taste is to tell you that it tastes like a cheap Christmas candle smells. It is overly sweet. Another person I asked to try it told me it was really sweet like cotton candy. Probably a better taste people might like over a sweet weird spicy taste like a candle smell, but still not a good quality in a Dew product.

When I saw the package advertise it as an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor I made the wrong assumption that maybe they just mixed Code Red [cherry] and Live Wire [orange] together [both great flavors might be good together]. And now I wasted $6 on a case of this stuff that I cannot even give away!

So I tried looking at the ingredients to see what flavors they put in this thing to make it taste so bad and all they list are natural flavors. What are these natural flavors? I might very well be allergic to them and I should be told what they are so I know in case my throat closes on me [I have a slight odd feeling in my throat like when I am having an allergic reaction so there might be something to that statement]. While checking out those very same ingredients I see they add “glycerol ester of wood rosin”. What the heck is that? And what in the world is it doing in a beverage? What purpose does it serve? Anyone? No wonder I thought this drink tasted like a Christmas tree there’s one in there!

Jul 102007

I recently heard a commercial on the radio for Nantucket Nectars which rubs me the wrong way. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy there drinks. It is just this commercial drives me nuts.

 It starts with the saying they are playing a spelling game, but instead of ever spelling anything all they do is ask these two guys how to pronounce the additives/preservatives. Even after they make a point of saying it can’t be too hard to spell them since they are under 75 letters, yet never any spelling going on.

 Guess it just hits a nerve. I’ll certainly continue to drink there fine beverages but I do hates that commercial.

May 012007

First, they discontinue my favorite ice tea, oolong leaving me and the rest of the world with that crappy blueberry oolong. If you are going to continue to make oolong to add the over powering blueberry flavor to it why not still make the good plain oolong? It is SO much better than that stuff […]