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May 042009

Wonder if we could get Pennsylvania to pass a state law that prohibits trucks from driving in the left lane? I don’t know about you, but I am sick of driving along at the speed limit only to have to slow down to 45 or less because some stupid ass truck driver thought he had to pass another truck and either can’t or won’t go any faster. Hey if you aren’t even doing the speed limit please stay in the right lane.

Why not make a law like this. It isn’t like it would ever be enforced. We already have stupid laws on the books that polic and drivers ignore. Just the other day I was driving in a construction zone (with my lights on because it is the law) and passed a cop. He did nothing to either the car in front of or behind me, neither had their lights on.

Feb 132009

I spent a good part of my morning trying to save some dogs on the highway again! This is the second time in like 2 or 3 months. This time it was on the other end of 176. All of the sudden the traffic came to a screeching halt and I saw two dogs running back across the highway after almost being hit by a truck (who apparently couldn’t care less if he hit the dogs or not).

Three of us stopped and tried to save the scared pups. One was a st. bernard and the other a shepherd mix. We got them off the road but they wouldn’t come to anyone. They finally went through a hole in the fence and ran up through the woods.

There are two things I would like to see happen. 1) People would take better care with there animals and know where they are and 2) people on the roads would be a little cautious around animals no matter if it is a skunk, a deer or a dog.

Oct 172008

Apparently Pennsylvania is trying to pass a new law that will have truckers up in arms and I am right there with them. The new laws say that no large vehicle will be able to sit and idle for more than five minutes at a time. WTF? Running the engine is the only way for them to cool or heat their cabs (you know their homes). And what about traffic? Will they be fined for sitting in traffic?

This is just one more stupid law on the PA books. We can put that one right next to the headlights on while driving in a work zone (I have never seen anyone stopped for that one) and the new no smoking laws that businesses are ignoring or circumventing any way.

Sep 202008

I just had one of the weirdest dreams. But then again what dream isn’t a bit strange?

I am in a hotel room with about three other people. I think they are friends or family, but I never identify them in the dream I only feel familiar with them. We are on computers, working, playing who knows. Then we head to the cars to go to the movies. The guy I am with gets on a CB radio (do they even make those any more?) and is talking to a guy three cars down in the parking lot. End scene.

A group of people, me included, is sitting around discussing the movies we just saw. End scene. I never see the theater in this dream, which is kind of odd as I do have a reoccurring theater dream, but this dream did not include that theater.

I was sitting with a bunch of women discussing politics when in walks Sarah Palin. We were in my dead Grandmother’s living room. She and someone on her “team” started telling us about the opposition and that they were having a meeting with an online chat. We were told to go and disrupt the meetings in any way we saw fit. Since I absolutely hate smear campaigns (and that is all the republicans seem to be doing in at their own convention where they already had the support) thought this was horrible. I followed another woman back to the bathroom and asked her if she felt this was wrong and she totally agreed with me. End scene.

Moving down a road (3 or 4 lanes on every side) to a very busy intersection. I am not sure how we are moving, driving or walking. In front of us we hear all this screeching and screaming. It was a group of about twenty kids walking and running around in the middle of the highway pretending to be driving. We yell at them to be safe. End scene.

Walking toward a tight, high walled corridor with a large group of people next to that highway (so I guess we were walking too). We see a couple of bikers turn at the intersection. One had a rifle strapped to his hog. One of the kids from earlier yells, “he’s got a gun.” We are now in the corridor and I notice the people around me and I lean into one of the bigger, burlier looking biker dudes and said, “Yeah, so who doesn’t ride a bike and carry a gun.” He laughed at that and we keep walking. Then I am approached by a kind of hot biker chick (not as scary as the big guy, but a little tough) and we start chatting. She’s telling me about all the guys she is always with (hanging out with that is). We are walking toward a movie theater (second one in this dream sequence), but this one is more like a dingy basement or warehouse room with rows of sofas, a screen and projector in it than a real theater. As we get to the door my new friend is saying how the guys are nice and some are gay, but it is hard being a lesbian and meeting women. She then turns to me pointing out a sofa for me to get us seats. She wants me to sit between a lone girl and two other women who are sprawled across the sofa making out. So I go over ask the politely to let us sit there and sit down and wait for my new lesbian biker friend to come back. End scene.

At this point Boris (the 25 pound moose cat) jumps on my chest and wakes me up. He follows me into the bathroom where my thoughts oddly enough turn to thinking of what movies are playing down at our new IMAX Theater.

Aug 292008

Today started out very iffy, but it turned itself around (a little bit at least). I was on my way to work when my check engine light came on. My car is only three years old. It does have almost 93,000 miles on it due to my daily commute to work. My big fear is that it will die before I even get it paid off. Thank goodness the light came on close to where my parents live so when it started hesitating I was too scared at least I wasn’t on the turnpike! I borrowed my parent’s car and headed off to work secure in the knowledge that my dad would take care of finding out what was wrong with my car. I still don’t know.

But to add insult to injury (so to speak) the guy at the turnpike when I went to pay my toll was a bit of a jackass. I handed him my ticket and $20. His response was to stand there like a big idiot holding my twenty and telling me that the toll is only 75 cents. As if I did not know how much it was after driving this route for nearly five years. I looked back at him and just said, “I know. That is all I have (and it was too or I would have given him something else).” Was he that dense or just that lazy that he did not want to count out my change to me?

So I finally get to work and everything is business as usual. Nothing too taxing, which made me happy. Plus the added bonus of a free lunch. Even though I still don’t know what is up with my vehicle my day wasn’t a total pile o’ pooh.

While I was writing this my mom called they fixed my car and I can take theirs back tomorrow. It was the camshaft position sensor, whatever that is.

Aug 062008

Aggressive drivers really should behave themselves while driving the company car. Maybe they get so caught up in their speeding and tailgating they forget they are in an easily identifiable vehicle.  I had this Comcast van (#50 by the way) riding my but the whole way up route 12 in Reading today (around 6:15). He […]

Mar 012008

Turn signals, know what they are? Seems most people on the road these days have forgotten. Just a little reminder folks the turn signal is the lever on the left-hand side of your steering wheel that moves up and down. It turns on the flashing lights on either side of the car. Lights that are […]