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Aug 102010

Okay so if you are a person and want to express your displeasure with a company how do you complain? I voice my opinion to my friends and family and that circle has grown to include my online friends and family too. I also avoid using those products and services ever again, if I can help it.

Some examples of this are Comcast….hate them, their customer service, their product — everything but I still use them because cable companies are a monopoly and I have no other choice (don’t get me started on satellite TV). Thanks to my complaints here on my blog they did finally take notice and come out to fix both the DVR issues & the cable leading to my house.

Another example is the SCI FI Channel (now SyFy) for personal reasons I can not really spell out here, they did a great disservice to me back in 2000 & I have never gone back (only a few exceptions have occurred.

Then there is The Outback Restaurant. I some of the worst service by any waitress ever there, which was then followed up by the manager who only defended the waitress. I could not eat the food and was still charged. I actually had to take my complaint to to get the corporate office to notice my complaint and/or do anything about it. All they did was send me a gift card for a restaurant that I was never going to ever again (I have not been back in one in over 5 years). I gave the gift card to friend.

Latest example is BP. With this BIG problem in the Gulf I refuse to buy their gas (thank goodness there aren’t many around so I do not have to actively avoid them but I will drive by if there is one even if the gas is cheaper). Will I ever go back to BP? No.   I haven’t gone back to using Exxon gas for anything so why would I forgive BP?

That being said…I think you now know the answer to the question…do i hold grudges? YES.

Seems like companies these days are more about PR then they are about actual customer service. Shame, because those companies will never see my business again.

Aug 242008

Batman Gotham Knight DVDBatman: Gotham Knight is out on DVD now. It is the latest animated feature from
DC Comics. It is actually six mini movies all done (or should I so over done) in the anime / mango style. Just because anime is getting more popular doesn’t mean every thing needs to be produced in that style let alone in six different variations of the style. I don’t think any of the stories stands up on their own and they certainly don’t move smoothly from one story to the next. Over all I say avoid this or simply rent it or get it on demand like I did.

The best thing about this is that they got Kevin Conroy to voice the bat. He is the voice of Batman in almost all the animated versions to appear on TV. So if they could get him for this production why not use him in the Justice League animated film earlier this year?

Aug 212008

Comcast is so ticking me off again. They splash advertisements all over the place trying to get you to sign up for their triple play program (TV, internet and phone) by enticing you with a free gift. Last month it was a Wii, the month before that a TV this month it is a years free DVR rental.

Well I finally broke down and did it. Guess what? You have to be a new customer. Not just a new customer to the triple play (which I am), but never having had an account with Comcast ever. I don’t think their fine print that flashes across the screen says that. All it says is new customer and I fit that bill as I NEVER, EVER had a triple play account. Oh, and to top it all off the price I was quoted is only good for a year. I wasn’t told it was special pricing. I was told that was the price (by the lady in the corporate office). Now I learn it will mostly likely double after my year is up! Sometimes I hate Comcast (okay so most of the time I hate them).

Jul 102008

Well, I was hoping to be able to actually watch all the shows I had on my crappy Motorola DVR from Comcast before it finally died, but it does not look like I will be able to unless I do it quick.

I got home tonight and it was doing that same lovely trick of going to a black screen after I pause or try to rewind. I had to do a hard reboot again, which thankfully worked again this time, but for how long?

 Basically, my hard drive is slowly going bad and I have to get a new box from Comcast. Shame they have not come up with the technology to transfer the saved content to a new hard drive or letting us attached an external hard drive to expand the memory. Oh, TIVO you are starting to look good even at the additional costs.

Apr 282008

I have gone through three Comcast Cable DVRs since I have first had them and last night mine started acting up again! Last night’s problem had something to do with the hard drive or the software. I could watch TV, but god forbid I should try to pause or rewind. When I did that all I got was a black screen. From the black screen of nothingness I couldn’t get back to my show either. I had to go to another channel and back again to get anything.

But that wasn’t the only issue, I could not view any of the programs I had recorded to the DVR. They acted the same way. Hit play and all I got was a black screen nothing else, no picture. I was a bit distraught as I have the complete season of Heroes on there to watch and the last four episodes of the Terminator. Both shows I could probably get on DVD sometime soon, but why when I had them already?

Thank the fates that a complete shut down (unplugging and waiting 5-10 minutes) then rebooting seemed to do the trick. Although the box did not seem to want to come back from its complete shut down. It turned on, blinked and went right back off. Third time was a charm and I got a connection. First I tried to pause and it seemed okay, then I went to my recorded programs picked one that was recording while this whole problem was going on and I had picture and sound (at least for the first couple of minutes, I still need to fully test to be sure).

I have had quite a few issues with this box like the sound mysteriously disappearing for no reason. The picture freezes quite often. We get the lovely square digital pixels in the middle of the screen like there is a bad connection somewhere. With the first box we had the guy come out several times he finally put in some type of signal booster, although I don’t think it has truly helped us. That box completely died a long time ago.

Shows don’t always record. Setting a series up is easy enough as long as you want to tape every single show every time it is repeated. I have to manually set recordings for a every week because I can’t tell the DVR to record a show every Thursday at 10 pm only. I have to set it up to record all (because the guide doesn’t tell the system that the only NEW show is Thursday at 10pm and that all the others are repeats throughout the week). Having it record all shows screws with other shows I have series recordings for so I can’t make this easy on myself. The old Comcast software used to let you choose to record this show on the same day/time every week. I wish they would bring that back.

There is still an issue with no sound when you turn the box on. You have to go to the DVR and hit play then go back to whatever show you wanted to watch just so you can hear it. This was an issue early on that was only half way fixed. Either that or it came back.

Biggest problem I have with them is the fact that the DVR even with the problems wasn’t a bad deal, price wise, to begin with. I think I started out paying $10 a month for my box. Each (I have two – even though they kept trying to tell me I was not allowed to have two. That’s why the other one is still a single tuner as I am afraid to take it in an have them refuse to give me another one). Then the prices went up to $11 bucks a month, still cheaper than the Tivo service. Then they rose again and I saw that I had two different prices on my bills for the two different boxes (I really need to find out why) but they jumped to $12 and $16. Now I see by the latest Comcast Cable bill on my table the costs have gone up again to $12 and $18! Okay, now I am seriously going to be looking into a Tivo the Comcast prices have now exceeded the Tivo service fees and in my book the Tivo (an actual Tivo and not this non-working Tivo software crap from Comcast that I have been reading about online) is a much better product and service.

I can’t live without my DVR but no one says it has to be a buggy piece of crap from Comcast just because they are a monopoly and I don’t have any other cable options. Yes there is always Fios, DirectTV or Dish Network as alternatives (and some of these are cheaper and offer more channels too), but I have invested far too much time and money with Comcast to let them ignore me. If you are sick of the ever increasing prices, lack of services and failing equipment please do like me and call them about it. Their number is easy enough 1-800-COMCAST.

Sep 092007

CBS Moonlight – Fridays @ 9pm Ghost Whisper – Fridays @ 8pm Jericho – ABC Pushing Daisies – Wednesdays @ 8pm Lost – Wednesdays @ 10pm NBC Bionic Woman – Wednesdays @ 9pm Chuck – Mondays @ 8pm Heroes – Mondays @ 9pm Journeyman – Mondays @ 10pm Medium – Saturdays @ 10pm FOX New […]