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Feb 122010

Way back when I was a kid in the 70s copper bracelets were all the rage. Fashion, like history, always seems to repeat itself. That is not always a bad thing. The good old copper bracelet is a good example of that. It seems like everyone is sporting a bangle or a cuff made of copper these days.

Besides being fashionable there are supposed health benefits to wearing a copper bracelet too. Not that it has miraculous healing powers or anything but it is thought to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis by absorbing the copper through the skin.

Copper Bracelet Arthritis pain relief is not just another urban legend. Studies show that people can actual get more copper in there system via a bracelet than dietary supplements. Kind of cool isn’t it?

If you are looking for some very fashionable copper bracelets check out, they have some really nice bracelets at great prices and with free shipping.

Jan 232010

Mom has been gone for over a year now…still hard to believe she is gone.

Still every time I get a hair cut and walk into the house or visit her grave, I half expect to her in a disappointed tone, “You’ve cut your hair again.”

That was our normal greeting every single time I got a hair cut. I always hated that, but now, that I will never hear it again, I miss it.

Guess I always will.

Oct 142008

Hanes SportyThe following is a complaint about the current state of my underwear. No it is not old and ratty look rather the opposite as I just bought them. I always buy Hanes underwear, Hanes hi-cut briefs to be exact. (I know TMI.) Over the past few years I have only bought their sporty briefs. They were super comfy and had a nice big waistband. This time when I went to buy new undies I can no longer find them not anywhere. Disappointed I assumed their regular hi-cut briefs will be the same as they have always been just the narrower waist band. Wrong they are now these no-rise hi-cuts.

I never had any kind of problem with their old style under garments. I purchased the same size I have been purchasing for the last 15 years (even though their size chart says I should get the next size up). But in the past the big baggy under parts would ride up. If I bought the size smaller all was fine with a nice
snug fit.

Wedge Free No-Ride-UpNow they are too tight in the legs and the waist sits lower. Don’t even get me started on their comfort soft line! The comfort soft are even worse in the legs and sit further down on my butt. If I wanted bikini briefs I would have bought them! They advertise those as having the most comfortable waistband ever. Funny thing is it is nowhere near your waist making them the most uncomfortable underpants ever. I really feel I’ll take them up on their guarantee and send all these uncomfortable undies back to them and letting them know I will never be buying Hanes again.

Now to start looking for alternatives to the new and very much unimproved Hanes. First up will be fruit of the loom. Here’s hoping they still know how to make a woman’s hi-cut brief. Bye-bye Hanes.

Sep 032008

Are you looking for some great looking fashion with equally great looking price tags? I have found the perfect place for you to get all those back to school fashions you have been wanting without breaking the bank. Heavenly Couture is the place for Discount Clothing. You’ll love that you can shop Beverly Hills without those typical Beverly Hills prices, in fact everything at is $17.95 or less! And every day at midnight they offer up a new daily special at an unbeatable price. WOOT! If that only wasn’t enough to get your mouse pointed in their direction, right now they are having a back to school sale where you’ll get up to 10% off their already low prices. Finally cheap clothing that does not look cheap.

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May 312008

I was just watching Adam & Steve and they go two stepping. What ever happened to the art of country dancing? A few years ago it was all the rage. I guess it still is to some degree but just not in my area.

One of the staples of these urban cowboys is the western fashion. That’s where Cavender’s comes in handy. Whether you are deep in the heart of Texas or sitting in the middle of NYC they have the western gear for you. Go check out their handmade cowboy boots or cool novelty cowboy hats then get your butt into a club and do some stepping.

May 092008

I have been on a bit of a Steampunk kick of late and in had manifested itself in one of my recent posts about a way cool Victorian home turned museum in Texas. Prior to that my interest had been merely in stumbling on some really cool sites of people who are really into Steampunk […]

Dec 292007

Why do clothing manufacturers feel that all overweight people must wear stretch pants? It is next to impossible to find jeans that do not include some kind of stretch material. Personally, I hate stretch jeans. They never fit right and if they are slightly tight in one area they stretch and pull down the pants […]