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Jul 092008

Big Ass HouseThis mansion is for sale in my neighborhood (okay, so it is about 5 blocks away, but still close enough to see it everyday and say I wish I could have that). Well it is WAY out of my price range and pretty much anyone else’s too. Heck the taxes are almost what I make a year. Guess I will need to start playing the lottery and get at least two more jobs! I would be working 24/7 just to pay the taxes let alone the mortgage.

 Great news though the property has been slashed from 1.2 million dollars to a mere $997,500! Well, slashing the estimated value has also dropped those taxes. When I first looked at the house at 1.2 million the taxes were $33,000 now they are $22,000. How the heck could anyone pay those property taxes? But it is really beautiful inside check it out at Kurfiss Realty.

 UPDATE: I believe this property has sold. Rumor is it will be a drug and alcohol rehab. Great.

Jun 242008

Small businesses often have inappropriate email addresses like or This is not at all professional and often makes your company look as if it is not legit.

It really does not take too much time or money to set up a professional email with your own domain name. All you need is a good, low cost hosting company. Look for companies that offer shared web site hosting as this will lower the cost per month for their services. A great option is they offer email services for less than $7 per month or set up a nice web page to go with that new professional email address for less than $10 per month.

With a little more information about your company and a professional email address you’ll have customers that are more confident in your abilities as an actual business. A business should never have an AOL, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email account when professional email and web hosting are so affordable these days.

Jun 072008

Starting out in life can be scary, maybe not horror movie scary, but scary nonetheless. My nieces are at that point where one will be graduating and the other is starting college. Both will be heading out into the real world and need to start handling their own finances. Trying to figure out what credit card to get to help build your credit instead of hurt it can be confusing even to us adults.

The Credit Cards Club can help explain the differences between different card services. Their articles will help you better understand your choices before you take that final leap. Reduce your fear level and check them out.

Jun 072008

I went to see a scary movie last night and maybe I am just getting too old, but it wasn’t all that scary to me. You know what is scary to me? The thought of someone stealing my identity is really scary to me. Why don’t the make a horror film about that? Probably because it is too frightening.

I can’t even image the horrors one must face to get the credit cleared up after an attack. Monsters are no longer hiding under the bed or in the closet they’re in our computers and stealing our mail. Thank god there are services out there like lifelock to help protect us from these scary monsters. With lifelock on your side you can come out from your hiding place and enjoy life.

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May 292008

In this time when the economy is in need of stimulus checks to give it a shot in the arm we are all feeling the crunch. Many of us have been using credit cards to buy our gas and food just to stay a live. If you are like me your tax rebate and stimulus […]

May 122008

Next time you need a car rental why not check out one of the smaller companies. Now mind you they are all that small as you will find pick up and drop off points and numerous US and international airports. They just aren’t every where like some companies, at least not yet. First thing that […]

May 092008

Employers are looking for ways to reward good work other than a monetary bonus. While many of us certainly don’t mind the money it can seem like a thoughtless gesture to some. There are many alternative ways to reward your employees one of the more exciting of the different corporate incentives is travel rewards from […]