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Jun 172009

Loud BarkersA group of 30 dogs let out the world’s loudest bark the other day according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Their barks reached 115 decibels. Man that’s loud!

The recorded was previously held by a larger group of dogs in the US. Wonder if the number of dogs now factors into the equation for that record? If I wanted to try and break this record would I need to do it with 30 or less dogs and be louder or just be louder?

Guess we’ll never know as I will never be around that many barking dogs to find out. Or maybe I could just call the folks over at the Guinness World Records and ask them (but that’s too much work for me).

Wonder what kind of tail wind you get off a group of doggies like that? Maybe that could be another record. If it isn’t it should be.

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Apr 082008

Flea Dog Toy Okay, so I don’t have a dog, but I do have nefew and niece dogs not to mention friends with dogs too. I came across this very cute flea dog toy and I just had to get it for my favorite little white poodle fondly known has Pooper Scooper [his real name is PC aka Prince Charming, but he has been Poop D. Scoop since he was a wee little pup and thus he will remain].

The dogs live with their family [my sister, her hubby and thier kids] next door to our folks so they come down to visit all the time. Flea Dog Toy Back Even having sleep overs at Grandma’s house. So I dropped the toy off there knowing that eventually the doggies come down and get their reward if they aren’t there when I stop by.

Well the other day I stopped in and Mom had the FLEA on her sofa nestled in the throw pillows. I don’t think the dogs will be seeing this toy for some time. He is awful cute. The flea dog toy looks a lot like a Muppet more than a dog toy. I love him! He is twelve inches high which seems big but he isn’t really. Even little dogs will like biting back this flea. They can bite until he squeaks or just grab a leg and shake him. It is a nice little revenge toy for your dog. Let him get back at the pests who bother him [and you].

I just found out that they make a cat version too! My favorite online store for cat toys does not have them yet but I emailed and they say they will look into carrying them. Yeah!

 Update: Like I said the catnip flea cat toy is now available at