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Jan 142008

Watching V for Vendetta again. Agent Smith from The Matrix (you know him as Hugo Weaving) makes a great masked vigilante known only as V. Man he has a very distinct voice. Natalie Portman gives an excellent performance and she doesn’t look half bad with a baldhead. (Unfortunately for this film Britney Spears had to […]

Dec 132007

Yesterday I posted about Jodie Foster possibly outing herself at the recent Women in Entertainment Breakfast. While this is important to me I don’t really seeing it as being big news. But it appears that it is. Just google it for yourself. You’ll get all the little blogs like mine but a lot of big […]

Dec 122007
Jodie Foster Out or Not?

Looks like Jodie foster may have just outed herself after all these years of wondering. During her recent acceptance speech for the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th Annual Women in Entertainment breakfast she publicly thanked her long time friend Cydney Bernard. She thanked her by saying, “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me […]

Nov 172007

The new Microsoft game Mass Effect has been banned in Singapore due to graphic content. What is that graphic content you might ask? Well, two women kissing. The game has a scene in which a human woman is kissing and caressing an alien woman. Singapore’s Media Development Authority reportedly banned it. Singapore has a ban […]

Oct 202007

Rowlings outed Dumbledore this weekend at a question and answer session at Carnegie Hall in New York. A kid asked her if Dumbledore ever loved anyone, her reply was “Dumbledore is gay, actually”. Personally, I think it was brave of her to make such a statement and to stick by it. According to, she […]

Oct 192007

I really, really hate the term partner when referring to an intimate relationship. When I hear the term I actually cringe. Partner just brings to mind business partners, tennis partners and cowboys. I watch a lot of BBC America and I hear the term frequently, usually when referring to a straight person’s other half. I […]

Sep 102007

I came across this great list tonight and just wanted to share it with you folks. These are so funny. Makes me wanna go find some of these games at my local Microplay store and sit down for the weekend and jsut play with the gay 🙂 Check out the whole list…

May 302007
Batwoman on My Desk

I got an opener figure today at Suncoast Video. And a discount to boot [the package was all smashed]. Wahoo! She was immediately ripped open, stuck on her stand and placed on a spot of honor on my desk at work. Figre description: Direct from the pages of DC’s Weekly Blockbuster comes Batwoman. Standing at […]