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Feb 132008

Anime Body PillowSo the boyfirend and girlfriend pillows aren’t quite what you had in mind. How about the sexy anime babe body pillow?

Just imagine curling up in bed next to the cartoon girl of your dreams each night. This truly is a fan boy’s [or girl’s] dream come true. Get yours today at

Here is an explanation as to what these pillow covers are in Japan from Dakimakura are ‘hugging pillows’ or ‘hug pillows’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘love pillow’ or ‘Dutch wife’, although this may be referring to a more adult-type item) illustrated with anime characters or real-life film stars, and a distinctively otaku item. This is a high quality printed ‘hug pillow’ cover with a zipper, designed for a long body pillow available from many sources. While many fans hang their dakimakura covers on their walls or use them as curtains, customers who want to have the full-size hug pillow experience have several options. First, you can buy pillow stuffing material from any home center and stuff the pillow yourself. Also, pre-made body pillows may be available in stores near you . These pillows can also be found online … They recommend the Bodymate Body Pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Nov 282007

The holidays suck enough without being alone. Trying all the dating sites gets to be expensive. So why not try something new and FREE.

Check out the site They have a very easy to use site which is completely fee. Simply sign up and take a look around. I did a quick search looking for woman and a man appeared in the search results but don’t let a little hick up like that turn you off. Besides you cannot rely 100% on any dating service paid or free. You must rely on your own judgment when searching through these sites.

So when looking for that perfect party date for the holidays give the free dating site a chance. What do you have to loose?

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Nov 172007

Are you looking for that mistress or mister of the night? Are you into vampires, fetishism or Goth? Is your alternative culture making it hard to find that special someone?

Head on over the the newest hook up spot for the lonely Goth. This is a good place for alt singles to find a soul mate, friend or significant other. They are not only set to hook up the dark and metal fan but also the horror, sci-fi and fantasy fan as well. Unlike other dating services where you might be consider a freak here you are not only welcome but you are wanted.

Search from thousands of members. Find straight, gay, bi and curious people for dating or friendship. You can allow the matchmaker engine known as Cupid Angel to find the right person for you or you can send a wink to let someone you think has a perfect profile know your interested.

The site itself is very alluring. Image how the people using it must be. The best part is; it is all free. Registration is painless. If you want more you can pay for an imperial service, which allows you to look at who is looking at you. The service is discreet with your privacy in mind. So what are you waiting for my little Goth? Go find a friend in your neighborhood or across the world.

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May 302007

I was in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart [so that should tell you the type of people we are dealing with here] when I heard this woman screaming F*** this and F*** that on the top of her lungs.

So of course I had to look and listen while putting my groceries into my car. She was yelling at what I could only assume was her daughter [the poor kid was so sunk down in the front seat trying to hide out of embarrssment you could not really tell who or what this deluge was being directed at].

All I could make out of this madness was: “you’re nothing but a stupid F***ing kid”, “I know right from wrong” [apparently not or you would not treat another human like this], “don’t tell me, I saw it with my own eyes”, “she was in your bed and her filthy hands were all over you”, “good people don’t act that way” and on and on. She did not even take a breath when I walked up next to the car to return my cart [they were parked next to the cart return] and paused to look into the car]. She did not even curtail the language with a small impressionable child in the carseat in the back, why would she stop being an a*hole just because I walked up.

 I really wanted to reach out to this young person and tell them the rest of the wolrd is not this bad. Most of all I wished I could stick around to make sure it did not turn violent [it looked like it could go that way], but my frozen foods would no allow it.  I am sorry. If you are this person or know them please email me.  I hope your evening got better.