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Feb 142010

I have often seen (and have even written about) the great prices on eyeglasses you can get from Zenni Optical, but until I recently read the article, “Cheap eyeglasses are a reality. Check out Eric’s review of Zenni Optical” over at I hadn’t really given buying my glasses from them more than a second thought. Now I have not only given them a second thought I have been spending time on their site shopping for both my daily eye wear and my next pair of sunglasses. I haven’t had a pair of sunglasses since my car accident over two years ago.

I do have to have a new eye exam, which will most likely be the most expensive part of getting new glasses since deciding to use Zenni Optical for my eyeglasses. So finally I will have a new pair of sunglasses in the correct prescription so I can not only protect my eyes from harmful UV rays this summer but I will be able to see while driving in all this winter sun glare on the roads.

So once I have my prescription (and my pupilary distance — you’ll need this to place your order with Zenni Optical), I will be getting my new eyeglasses & prescription sunglasses in a few short weeks. Yes that is longer than it would take me to get them through somewhere like Target Optical, but with Zenni Optical I will get my quality glasses a whole lot cheaper!

Update: Apparently Zenni Optical was caught by Google in their attempts at buying keywords for SEO. I was contacted and told to change the link on my post. Interesting since my site is not busy and not spammy, but apparently they are. Makes you wonder if the glasses are worth the cheaper price after all? I have family that swears by them, But I never did try them and most likely won’t now (unless they offer me a free pair for my honest opinion).