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May 252009

My grandfather used to call Memorial Day, Decoration Day. It was the day they would go to the cemetery and decorate the graves of the service men and other family members. So I thought I would wish everyone out there a happy Decoration Day and hop that you took some time out today to remember the reason you had off work today.

Someone on Twitter sent me a link to an interesting article on Memorial Day/Decoration Day (they say Decoration Day was a southern thing, but my grandfather was a PA Dutchman through and through). The article, Memorial Day bivouac of the dead: hallowed, haunted Gettysburg, was written by MaryEllen O’Brien and has a more spiritual angle than military.

I just watched a really good program on PBS called Hallowed Ground. It is all about the US cemeteries through out Europe that mark the finally resting places of 40% of the men and women who fought for freedom in WWI and WWII.

I did not know so many cemeteries were over there. It would make a very interesting group tour sometime.

Sep 282008

Haunted Bird Feeder w/ Black LightsWell, I think the ole haunted bird feeder is finally complete (mostly). I have a few finishing touches still, but for all intents and purposes it is pretty much done at this point. I addedd the mini strobe to the interior that I had talk about in a previous post and added a bunch of black light (UV) LEDs to the exterior to bring out all the cool glowy parts. Adding those gave me a chance to dig out my soldering iron.

I really had fun puting this thing together and it really was pretty easy. Why not try making your own. All you need is the bird feeder, some paint, sculpy and the optional lighting. Go have fun with your birdies.

Here’s a 360 degree look at the finished thing with both the strobe and black lights turned on.

Sep 162008

Folks in West Chester are still a little jumpy after the bomb scare yesterday. Apparently another suspicious bag was found near a park bench today.

Turned out to be a bag of clothing, but you never know. Better safe than sorry right?

Makes me a little leery of shopping at Radio Shack. Just yesterday I stopped buy and bought wire and soldering resin. Hey if someone stumbled on that bag they could get the wrong idea. (Oh by the way all I was building was a string of UV led lights for my haunted bird feeder I have been working on all month. It is almost complete and I will post more pictures and one more video sometime soon.)

Sep 072008

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 01A little while ago I shared a post about a little Halloween project I had been working on. I had customized a haunted bird feeder. I am still tweeking it a little bit. One thing that I still need to do is to add some UV LEDs one the outside of the house to make the glow-in-the dark parts (eyes looking out of windows, spider’s web and beware of cat sign) all stand out more.

The other day, while at Target, I picked up an LED strobe light ($2.50 from the front of the store) and thought I would just replace the white with UV LEDs (and I still might). I stuck the strobe inside the house and I really liked it, but to get it inside it will take some work so in the meantime I threw in two purple and green Pet Blinkers (which were also bought at like the bird feeder). They look good too. I might have to keep them inside and still have the black light LEDs on the outside of the house. Here is a video of the lights inside the haunted birdfeeder (it isn’t all that great but you’ll get the idea).