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Feb 152010

We have been thinking about selling our home and moving into a new single family home, but all the things involved with selling a house can be very intimidating. Just looking for a Realtor is confusing and a bit scary. Everyone and their brother will be glad to give you pointers whether you want them or not.

So far one of the best pieces of advice we have been given is about interviewing Realtors. Finding the right Realtor will only be the beginning though.

Figuring out things like what the Closing Cost will be and who pays for what is more than confusing! Apparently here in Reading there is a 2.5% closing cost on both sides. That’s right 2.5% for the buyer and 2.5% for the seller. However, that is not the only local regulation we will have to deal with. We still have much more research to do, but there is some kind of city inspection involved too. That’s on top of having a Pest Inspector come through and make sure the house isn’t falling apart from termites or infested with some other nasty beasty.

Do we offer the buyers a New Home Warranty to help sell the house? Or just leave it up to them to buy it themselves? Will it help us sell the house or not?

As you can see I have a ton a questions and a ton of research ahead of me. Thank god for the internet and the wealth of information to be found on it.