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Feb 122010

I was just reading about how about half of the country’s uninsured people actually choose to be uninsured not because they can’t afford it but rather they just don’t feel they need health insurance. Can you believe that? Even if you are young and healthy you still need insurance for the simple fact that you never know what lies ahead for you.

California Tonik Health Insurance was designed to address that very demographic.

Having health insurance was always something that was drilled into me by my parents. I could never have imagined being without it even when I was in my 20s.

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May 092008

No one should be without health insurance but if your job does not offer health insurance or you are only working part time what are you supposed to do? The cost of healthcare is too high to be without insurance, but the high cost of individual plans keeps people from being insured.

Thank goodness there are places like who can offer affordable health insurance Arizona plans include Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Coventry, and Blue Cross Blue Shield among others.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for an affordable service to offer your employees or an individual who is self employed you may be able to find just what you need at a price you can afford so you, your family or your employees don’t have to worry about coverage any more.

Mar 132008

Well, today is my birthday and while I wasn’t planning on celebrating the numbers of them any more I do like to spend time with my family and friends on my b-day. Usually my family will gather for a birthday dinner and it is just great to be able to spend time with them. This year, however, is not so good. This month in general just isn’t a good month to be related to me in any form.

My mom is seriously ill and has been hospitalized. I am a HUGE mommy’s baby and I am taking this pretty hard. My mom has been through so much with her health and she has had a good life, but I am not ready to see her go. Last week when she was admitted she was very near death’s door. In fact her blood pressure was only 40 over 20 when she went into the emergency room.

For the past month or two my niece has been in and out of the emergency rooms with severe migraines. The hospitals really cannot do anything for her. They give her morphine or some other narcotic and then the rebound headaches are three times as bad as the original ones. These are not just regular headaches mind you. Along with all the pain she loses her sight, throws up and gets hives form head to toe. She will be spending most of last week and this week at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia to see what can be done for her.

Two days ago my Mom’s oldest sister had a stroke and is in the hospital too. She is doing okay, but a stroke in any shape or form is scary.

I also just found out my one uncle has a very advanced prostate cancer although we do not know the full extent of his illness it does not appear very hopeful. My mother-in-law’s son just had surgery this past month for prostate cancer and they feel they were able to get it all during the surgery. His prognosis is good, unlike my uncle’s. I know you guys don’t like to think about this, but don’t leave your health to chance go get regular check ups.

So what did I do for my birthday? It started out with a dentist appointment [this was already planned so I cannot blame it for my so-so b-day]. From there I went from hospital to hospital visiting all the people I love who are sick. Not the most festive way to spend the day, but I was glad to see that everyone was feeling a bit better and things were looking up for them. I’ll have another birthday next year and while I act like a little kid must of the time I am an adult and can handle it when a birthday just pushed aside. Family does come first you know. I was just glad I had the day off so I could go visiting.

But aren’t you glad not to be related to me right about now?