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Apr 282008

The Time MachineThe guys of Big Bang Theory buy the prop time machine from the film The Time Machine. Leonard jumps in and sets the machine to March 10, 1876 the date of the famous first phone call. They proceed to argue over the fact that they all want to go but they would not be able to all fit into the small lab and agree that they should travel into the future to get a cloaking device first. Here’s their conversation about the cloaking device.

Sheldon: First go into the future and obtain a cloaking device.
Rajesh: How far into the future?
Sheldon: If I remember correctly Captain Kirk will steal a cloaking device from the Romulans on stardate 5027.3, which will be January 10th 2328 by pre-Federation reckoning.

As a collector and a fan that plays with their toys the scene that followed was hilarious with the four guys acting out the high speed action that goes on around Leonard while traveling in the time machine. Penny comes in to tell them all how pathetic they all are for still playing with toys. Leonard then goes on to re-evaluate his life, his maturity and his collection. (Bad Penny.)

The Nerdvana that Leonard has created is disappearing as he is packing up his collection to sell to the comic book guy down the street. All his friends want to buy it off of him but he refuses saying it will hurt their friendship if he sells his stuff to one over the others. They try to stop him and he pulls out a Playmates Star trek figures and threatens to open it. NRFB None Shall Pass

Sheldon: No I can’t let you do this.
Leonard: Sheldon, get out of my way.
Sheldon: (Grabbing a sword from Leonard’s box) None shall pass.
Leonard: Okay. I did not want to do this, but…I have here the rare mint condition production error Star Trek: The Next Generation Geordi Laforge without his visor in the original packaging. If you do not get out of my way I will open it.
Howard: Okay, man be cool. We’re all friends here.

Playmates Toys on CBSPenny comes out and Sheldon lets her have it.

Sheldon: You hypocrite.
Penny: What?
Sheldon: Little miss grown-ups don’t play with toys. If I went in to that apartment right now would I not find Beanie Babies? Are you not an accumulator of Care Bears and My Little Ponies? And who is that Japanese feline I see frolicking on your shorts. Hello Hello Kitty.

Penny then apologizes to Leonard about the day before and he just about asks her out when a hunky guy comes up and goes into her apartment with her. Leonard grabs his toys and heads back into the apartment saying, “My turn on the time machine”.

Feb 132008

Anime Body PillowSo the boyfirend and girlfriend pillows aren’t quite what you had in mind. How about the sexy anime babe body pillow?

Just imagine curling up in bed next to the cartoon girl of your dreams each night. This truly is a fan boy’s [or girl’s] dream come true. Get yours today at

Here is an explanation as to what these pillow covers are in Japan from Dakimakura are ‘hugging pillows’ or ‘hug pillows’ (sometimes referred to as a ‘love pillow’ or ‘Dutch wife’, although this may be referring to a more adult-type item) illustrated with anime characters or real-life film stars, and a distinctively otaku item. This is a high quality printed ‘hug pillow’ cover with a zipper, designed for a long body pillow available from many sources. While many fans hang their dakimakura covers on their walls or use them as curtains, customers who want to have the full-size hug pillow experience have several options. First, you can buy pillow stuffing material from any home center and stuff the pillow yourself. Also, pre-made body pillows may be available in stores near you . These pillows can also be found online … They recommend the Bodymate Body Pillow from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Feb 132008

Girlfriend PillowToday on the Ellen show she was showing some interesting things from Japan. First she showed the boyfriend pillow and I thought boy that looks familiar. Then she showed the girlfriend pillow and I knew where I saw it. You can get these from

Boyfriend Pillow They have a huge collection of pop culture items from Japan for Adults to Kids, just make sure you don’t get the two mixed up if you know what I mean.

The funniest thing about the pillows is Ellen tried out the boyfriend pillow but refused to go near the girlfriend pillow. Guess she did not want her audience getting any ideas about her 😉