LEGO Brand Retail
Jun 182008
I Want It Wednesday: LEGO Mindstorms

I love robots and I love Lego. So what better combo for me than a Lego Robot? I have the first version of the Mondstorms system and really need to get myself the new one. I love the new functionality and the new look (not such a fan of the technic sets so I was […]

Jun 032008

Disney will be rocking the boardwalk in Jersey this summer when the Radio Disney concert hit Wildwood. Guess what? These concerts featuring stars like Raven Symone (That’s So Raven), Mitchel Musso (Hannah Montana) and others will be coming to Morey’s Piers this July. There will be a free concert every Monday for three weeks ending […]

May 132008

I noticed the scale of action figures seems to be going back down in size. Instead of all the hulking, big seven inch pieces of plastic we are once again seeing smaller three inch scale figures in the toy stores. Since plastic is basically a petroleum based product do you think the trend in smaller […]

May 132008
Cats and Learned Behavior

Not all cats are scardey cats. At least not when they start out. Our big boy Boris never was overly afraid of things like trucks driving by or even the vacuum cleaner running. He would just lie there looking around like he was saying, ‘what the heck?’ Yet he never got up to run and […]

May 012008
Wild Party With The Kids

 Beer and cigarettes, not your usual treats for kids is it? When my nieces were little and my mom would be watching them they would stop by this little local general store and buy just that, beer and cigarettes. Okay, so it was root beer and candy sticks (called candy cigarettes back in my day). […]

Mar 262008
Star Trek Handheld That Never Was

I just stumbled onto a Star Trek Toy I had never heard of before. While this is not a very surprising statement to many people, I pride myself in knowing quite a bit about Star Trek collectibles. After all I have been collecting the stuff for nearly twenty years now. I am far from an […]

Mar 092008
Wolverine and the X-Men Cartoon

Since I ranted about the Foo Fighters filing suit against Marvel Comics I thought I would write a little bit more about the trailer and the cartoon that has caused the whole mess. Wolverine and the Xmen Writer: Greg Johnson Director: Boyd Kirkland Producer: First Serve Toonz in association with Marvel Synopsis: When an explosive […]