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May 042009

Wonder if we could get Pennsylvania to pass a state law that prohibits trucks from driving in the left lane? I don’t know about you, but I am sick of driving along at the speed limit only to have to slow down to 45 or less because some stupid ass truck driver thought he had to pass another truck and either can’t or won’t go any faster. Hey if you aren’t even doing the speed limit please stay in the right lane.

Why not make a law like this. It isn’t like it would ever be enforced. We already have stupid laws on the books that polic and drivers ignore. Just the other day I was driving in a construction zone (with my lights on because it is the law) and passed a cop. He did nothing to either the car in front of or behind me, neither had their lights on.

Mar 042009

Last month (Feb 4th) Facebook changed their terms of service to state that users content would be stored, not unlike email, and, here’s the kicker, that Facebook had rights to your content. So by uploading images, videos, stories etc you were giving Facebook rights to use your content in any way they saw fit.

If I upload something for my friends (or even open to the public) I should have all rights and controls over that content. Facebook should have to come to me to use or profit from what I post before they use it.

I am not the only one that feels this way. Facebook has backed up their TOS to an older version and is now opening it up to discussion and voting (kind of) on Facebook via two groups you can join and post your thoughts about the new TOS. This forum is only open until March 29th so go give them a piece of your mind.

Mar 032009

Our friends Gary and Faith were fined because they did not shovel their grass! Can you believe that? When I first heard about this from my friend Scott I thought it was the stupidest thing in the entire world then I saw the news tonight and I changed my position. Now I think the mayor of Laureldale is the stupidest thing in the entire world or at least his position on the fining of his constituents over not shoveling snow from the grass around their homes is. Anyone wanna place a bet that a certain mayor won’t be re-elected next term?

Well, this travesty of justice is no longer just a Reading news tidbit it has made it to the Philadelphia news (maybe we can take it national).

If there is no sidewalk then people should not be walking there in the first place. Heck, I would not want my lawn destroyed by people walking all over it let alone destroyed by having to shovel a bare spot in it. If the town wants people to have public walkways around their homes then they should put in sidewalks on all sides of all homes. Then and only then can I see enforcing a law about snow removal, but removal of snow from a yard, no way.

It is a little ridiculous to be digging out 50-year-old laws and sticking people with $110 fines without any warning. If Laureldale wants there to be a safe walkway there then put in a sidewalk, but don’t ask them to ruin their lawns by shoveling or even allowing people to trespass on their private property. No sidewalk makes it a private lawn not a public thoroughfare.

Watch the news clip and/or read the whole sad sorted story at

Oct 172008

Apparently Pennsylvania is trying to pass a new law that will have truckers up in arms and I am right there with them. The new laws say that no large vehicle will be able to sit and idle for more than five minutes at a time. WTF? Running the engine is the only way for them to cool or heat their cabs (you know their homes). And what about traffic? Will they be fined for sitting in traffic?

This is just one more stupid law on the PA books. We can put that one right next to the headlights on while driving in a work zone (I have never seen anyone stopped for that one) and the new no smoking laws that businesses are ignoring or circumventing any way.

May 282008

Littermaid vs SmartScoop – it is the self-scooping litter box wars I’m talking about not a review of the expensive cat boxes. (But if you want my opinion the SmartScoop wins the review hands down so lets hope they win the legal battle too.)

For a quick run down OurPets, a company that makes great pet products introduced a self-scooping litter box, the SmartScoop last year and the makers of the Littermaid box, Salton, Inc. felt the need to squash any competition before word got out that they don’t really care about pets they just want your money over and over again.

OurPet’s was founded in 1995 by Dr. Steve Tsengas with the goal of promoting pet health, well-being and owner & pet interaction. [taken from]

While Salton, Inc. and its subsidiaries are leading marketers and distributors of a broad range of branded small household appliances. Salton markets and distributes small kitchen and home appliances, pet and pest products, and personal care products. [take from Salton’s website]

Which of these companies do you think has your cat’s best interests in mind and which one do you think is only out to make a quick buck? If the company’s mission statements alone don’t convince you maybe you need to take a look at the products themselves.

SmartScoopThe SmartScoop as a large litter area it is two inches longer than the Littermaid’s usable area, which is rather important if you have a huge cat like mine. The SmartScoop is also a little higher, which can reduce the litter scattering from your cat’s digging.

The SmartScoop has a much less expensive waste bag to replace over the Littermaids plastic containers. Which raises the whole environmental issue. SmartScoops bags are biodegradable Littermaids are not (nor are they recyclable, but who would want to clean them out to recycle them any way?).

The most noticeable differences lie in the motor and the fact that it is outside of the box and removable on the SmartScoop not on the Littermaid. Which one do you think is easier to clean? I’ll tell you from experience, the SmartScoop! Since the motor is removable it is also replaceable too. That’s right if the motor goes bad you can replace just that part not the entire box.

OurPets stands behind their products, does Salton? I don’t think so. A friend of mine had gone through 2 Littermaid boxes in two years yet she could not get them repaired or replaced through the company. She finally gave up on self-scooping boxes as her experience with the Littermaid has soured her to any automatic box even one of superior quality like the SmartScoop.

This brings me to the costs. These boxes are not cheap, especially when you have to replace the entire box a $200 a pop. The SmartScoop retails for around $150 and the replacement costs are much less than that. Supplies for the SmartScoop are much more cost effective too.

As you can see the SmartScoop wins that battle but can it win the war? Maybe with our help the little guy can come out on top. Spread the word, let your congressman know how you feel about the waste of money and resources this type of litigation can be, above all else express your opinion to Salton and ask them why they are so afraid of a little market place competition. If they are as good as they think they are they should welcome some competition.

Besides I thought a person or company could improve on a current invention or patent and then claim the patent on the new and improved item (at least that’s what the infomercials tell me). So how can they really claim an infringement unless the product is exactly the same? Personally, I think they are over reacting and should go sell George Foreman Grills and forget the lawsuit, which will cost them more then if they simply welcomed the competition. Perhaps someone in their corporate offices did not do the math right or maybe they can simply throw away 1.5 million in the hopes of saving a half million dollars from a little healthy competition. Heck, if they have that much money why not throw some my way? Or better yet replace my friend’s boxes!

Boris says: What’s All The Fuss Over A Place to Poop any way?