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Apr 292008

Some how I wound up on Rosie O’Donnell’s website last night which reminded me about her blog. Why reminded me? For some unknown reason I was watching some celebrity expose (I never watch biographies let alone tabloid TV so I am not quite sure why I was watching that show), any who, she said something about how a news show or magazine (not sure which) had quoted her from her blog. Well the quote happened to be lyrics from a song and not an actual quote from her. That’s what I had remembered while poking around her site.

Rosie’s Website showing Vier MinutenI was just about to click on the blog link to see if I could find anything of interest when I scrolled down the homepage and saw a little blurb about a movie I had seen a trailer for one night while watching a DVD. The movie is called Vier Minuten (or Four Minutes in English) it is a German film about a very talented and troubled piano player. The trailer floored me and I had written the name of the film down to remember it when it finally comes to DVD. That was month’s ago. The only information I can find on the web for it is the art film scene last year and the original German release in 2006. When is it coming to the USA? I really want to see this film. Of course while telling us it is a good film does not say how or where we can see it. In fact when you click on the “more” link it only takes you to another listing of films and Vier Minuten is not even listed! Rosie help a girl out and tell me how to find this film. I realize that being a star you most likely were sent a screener (I  get them too for my site, but since this is not a sci-fi film I can’t see them sending me one). I just need details when or if this will be available.

Andy’s Film World has a great write up on Vier Minuten and also posts the YouTube video trailer for the film. Head on over and check it out.

Any one with info on Vier Minuten / Four Minutes coming to DVD or where I can see this film please post it here in the comments. Thanks!