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Aug 102008

Star Wars Clone WarsWell the reviews are starting to come in for the new Star Wars animated film and they are not all that great. Personally, I was none too impressed by the trailers. This animation is doing nothing for me. It looks like the video clips in the video games but not quite as good. Not sure why Lucas decided to go with this choppy new look (the cartoon networks mini mini-series was done better than this feature film). An article in the Reading Eagle dared to compare this style to anime. I don’t think they could have been more wrong. Maybe they just don’t know what the anime style of animation really is or not. But this is not anime; it is video game animation.

Yes I will be going to see it. The geek in me propels me to do so, but I am not expecting too much especially now that I am reading reviews, which are pretty much telling the things I was already feeling about it. I hate to say it but as for the sci-fi animated films coming out this summer, Fly Me to the Moon might be the best of the bunch. And if I am going to spend the money to go to the new IMAX Theater here in Reading it might as well be for the 3D flick. I’ll hit one of the other theaters for a matinee for Star Wars Clone Wars.

Star Wars Clone Wars Star Wars Clone Wars

Will the animated series due out this fall on the Cartoon Network be the same crappy animation?

Aug 102007

If Family Adventure Has a Name, It Must Be LEGO® Indiana Jones: The Videogame

LucasArts and TT Games Don Their Fedoras for the Next Great LEGO Gaming Experience

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — July 27, 2007 — LucasArts and TT Games today announced that LEGO® Indiana Jones®: The Videogame [working title] will whip onto game consoles everywhere in summer 2008. Developed by the same team at Traveller’s Tales that created the LEGO Star Warsâ„¢ series, LEGO Indiana Jones presents a tongue-in-cheek take on the first three cinematic adventures of pop culture’s most iconic archaeologist, including Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

“LucasArts and TT Games are setting the bar for next-generation family entertainment with the LEGO Star Wars franchise, and our incredible relationship continues with LEGO Indiana Jones,” said Jim Ward, president of LucasArts. “In addition to providing the quality bonding time inspired by any good family game, LEGO Indiana Jones delivers something a little different for everyone. Parents will enjoy the humorous take on some of their favorite movies, and their kids get some rousing action/adventure gameplay that may also introduce them to Indy’s original adventures for the first time.”

“It has been a real joy to work with LucasArts on the LEGO Star Wars games. Indiana Jones is the perfect character for the next LEGO-based videogame adventure,” said Tom Stone, director at TT Games. “Indy also presents us with wonderful and memorable cinematic moments. The boulder scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark in LEGO is hilarious!”

Lucasfilm Ltd. recently announced that the LEGO Group will begin releasing LEGO Indiana Jones playsets in January 2008. Meanwhile, LucasArts remains hard at work on its revolutionary, internally developed Indiana Jones videogame, which takes place a year after The Last Crusade in an original story overseen by George Lucas.

Aug 062007 order these puppies last week and they arrived today. These were apparently only available [or originally available] at the Star Wars Celebration IV. If you are familiar with the concept artwork by Ralph McQuarrie for the original Star Wars [A New Hope] then these will look familiar otherwise they look very wrong.

McQuarrie Concept R2-D2 and C-3PO The figures look really good and I am glad I got them even though I don’t really collect Star Wars figures [I only pick up the ones that really scream buy me].  🙂

I really like this size figure and I am so glad Hasbro has decided to stick with it while still giving us more detail and more articulation. Yeah Hasbro.

 The packaging had the extra plastic protector over the regular packaging. The Star Wars Celebration IV sticker was on the outside protector. I am an opener but do not know if I will be opening these yet or not. I would really like to see the figures up close and personal like. Maybe I have to head back to the store and buy another one but at $20 a pop that is pushing it even for me and I am a huge sci-fi geek toy collector [to say the least].

The more I think about it the more I think I now have to try and track these all down. Try doing that without paying an arm and a leg on eBay! Figures I know of are: Darth Vadar, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan/Yoda and Stormtrooper. Not sure if there are others or if there will be but I will see who I can get. I do have the Yoda/Obi-Wan two pack on order just need to find me the rest.

Yoda / Obi-Wan  Boba Fett Chewie

Luke Darth Vadar Stormtrooper