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Feb 122009

The reason I ask is because I can’t. I can get the majority of them but need help with the rest. Please comment below with your answers. As you can see I am only a few short of getting all 51 robots named. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

51 Robots

  1.  Astro Boy

  2.  Marvin – Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

  3.  K-9 – Doctor Who

  4.  Huey – Silent Running

  5.  HAL 9000 – 2001*

  6.  V.I.N.CENT – Black Hole

  7.  Conky – PeeWee’s Playhouse

  8.  Rusty the Boy Robot – Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot

  9.  Twiki – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  10.  B9 (aka the Robot) – Lost in Space

  11.  Crow T. Robot – MST3K

  12.  Johnny Five – Short Circuit

  13. Tripod – War of the Worlds*

  14. Wall-E

  15. Tom Servo – MST3K

  16. Robby the Robot – Forbidden Planet

  17. ?

  18. Gigantor

  19. ?

  20. Rock’em Sock’em Robot

  21. Mechagodzilla

  22. Megaman*

  23. Mazinger Z*

  24. ?

  25. Cylon – Battlestar Galactica

  26. Marvin – TV HHGTG (shouldn’t the head be longer?)*

  27. Bubo – Clash of the Titans

  28. Sentinel – Matrix (I would have given a side view)*

  29. R2-D2 – Star Wars

  30. Tinman – Wizard of Oz

  31. Gort – Day the Earth Stood Still

  32. ?

  33. Bender – Futurama

  34. T100 – Terminator

  35. C-3PO – Star Wars

  36. Robot on cover of Oct. 1953 Astounding Science Fiction (used on Queen’s Album)*

  37. Iron Giant

  38. Maria – Metropolis

  39. Cylon Centurian – (new) Battlestar Galactica*

  40. ED209 – Robo Cop

  41. ?

  42. ?

  43. Rosie – The Jetsons (her bottom wasn’t rounded though)*

  44. Johnny Sokko’s Flying Robot

  45. Tic Toc – Return to Oz*

  46. Dr. Theopolis – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

  47. Optimus Prime – Transformers (cartoon)

  48. Maximilian – Black Hole*

  49. Voltron

  50. Muffit the Daggit – Battlesatr Galactica

  51. Techno Trousers – Wallace & Gromit

* = someone else told me 
? = still need help

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Feb 022009

Godzilla ShirtTonight’s Big Bang Theory had Sheldon wearing yet another way cool t-shirt. This time it was a cool Godzilla monster silhouette shirt from the folks over at Super7.

I will so be getting one of those.

But while I call myself a fan I don’t know if I can name all of the monsters pictured on the shirt. I may need some help with that.

So if you want to look cool like Sheldon go get this shirt. (but not until I get mine)

Aug 252008

Watched the movie 28 Weeks Later the other day even though I really did not like the first film. The first film, 28 Days Later, was much better than the second one and that still isn’t saying too much. Both films spend far too much time showing us shots of an empty London and never bother to give us any real action or even much of a plot. Sad, it had some potential to add new lure to the zombie genre but both fell short. I should of listened to my instincts and stayed away from this film, but I was bored. Not that this film helped that at all.

Aug 202008

Big KittyI was poking around over at and I came across this post about a big pussy (of course they wanted to get all the folks with their minds in the gutter to click thu to the post). When I got there and saw this picture my immediate thought was that it had to be a faked photograph. Although I can’t seem to find the tell tale signs of a photoshopped image. But it has to be. there cannot be a kitty cat that huge. Can there? I appreciate any all feedback on this guy and if you know the owner of this big kitty please let me know!

Fat Cat The fat cat shown here is not the same pussy cat that the man is holding. It is just another example of a big ole kitty cat. My kitty Boris is the same type of white/tabby cat and he is big too, but not as big as these two guys. Gees! And I thought I had a big cat at nearly two feet long and 25 lbs. Heck, Boris is little compared to these two.

I think these two kitties need to get some exercise. Their people had better head over to Boris’ fav shop and buy some toys to get these guys moving!

Aug 172008

Well, I have been out of the loop a bit on my cryptozoology circles. I did not even hear that a Bigfoot body was found until my sister told me about it yesterday. I tend to stay away from watching news and reading papers. Most of what I hear is from online news sources and I don’t really check them on the weekends. Apparently two bigfoot hunters found a body in Georgia (USA state not the war torn country). After seeing the photo of the body I have to say this is a hoax and not a very good one. I guess with the demise of newspapers like the Weekly World News there isn’t an outlet for this type of faked news anymore other than online.

Bigfoot Body in FreezerThe two guys that found the body run the website Most likely they only wanted to drum up traffic to the site to hopefully convert it into sales of their merchandise. I do believe that some day someone will find a body or a skeleton of one of these creatures, but this is not it.

If it were real why not release more detailed photos? The press release says it is over 7’ tall, weighs over 500 lbs, male, feet are flat and human like, others where seen the same day and a press conference on DNA evidence was held. Okay, so why not treat this like a real autopsy and photograph every inch of the body and show us the photos of the face, hands, feet, etc? The Bigfoot DNA evidence has not been posted to their site but news sources say it is inconclusive (mix of human and possum DNA was found). Until I am proven wrong I am going to have to say this is a fake. What do you think?