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May 152011

If you haven’t heard it before you will most likely hear about it shortly.

Sen. Rick Santorum has a problem with Google (well not just Google but all the search engines really, but apparently he uses and blames Google the most).

When you search for his name a nasty website tops the charts. This was a prank pulled on him back in 2003 but still gets relevant SEO rankings today.

If you want to know what the prank is simply read the search engines description of the site that pops up first (no not the paid ads which I assume is how Santorum’s team is fighting back. Or better yet go the the wikipedia article  Santorum (neologism) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What does that mean for Rick Santorum? Not much really. He can’t remove it and the more people link to it the higher the rankings will go (reason I don’t link to it). But this will never go away — EVER.

Not that I am a fan of Santorum in any way shape or form. I just don’t wish to propagate this type of trash.

Perhaps this is a lesson for everyone. Be careful out their because you don’t want someone posting something nasty about you on the net.

Nov 112010

Yesterday when I went out to get my lunch I glanced at the newsstand where I saw an adorable kitty face looking back at me. Then I read the headline and I was simply heart broken.

The kitty had been shot by some unknown assailant with a small caliber weapon or pellet gun. Shatter 11 bones in its upper leg. The kitty’s name is Peanut and as I read her ordeal I immediately wanted to do something for her and her owner, Mrs. Hanick of West Chester.

Then I had a chance to speak to Mrs. Hanick and it simply reconfirmed my resolution to do something, anything, to help her out with this big vet bill.

The surgery has cost upwards of $2400 with more to come and more doctors visits and that’s if the kitty stays healthy and strong. I am not even going to think about what would happen if the cat gets an infection. One day at a time (and this isn’t even one of my cats). 86 year old Mrs. Hanick, who only wants the best for her feline companion, had to use her home equity loan to pay the vet bill. We cannot allow them to risk their home, can we?

Boris and I work hard every day to raise money and awareness for charities, why we couldn’t we do the same thing here? We went about setting up a Chip-In page where people can donate (big or small it all adds up) and we would make sure that Mrs. Hanick gets the money after our fund raising drive, which we set to end 11/26/2010. We wanted this is be a very thankful Thanksgiving.

After only one day we have already raised over $225 thanks to all Boris’ online friends, known as anipals, and for a very sizable donation of $125! I hope that we will be able to really help out this nice lady and her hurt kitty cat.

Boris is actively blogging and tweeting to get the word out. Here are his posts (WARNING: these are written by Boris, who speaks kitteh).

The majority of the updates will be over on his blog and website, Please consider donating something, anything. Thank you.

Oct 012009

Last week, September 22 to be exact, we saw a horrible image on the news. It was of an adorable little brown tabby cat all wrapped up like a mummy in duct tape. We could not bear to watch the whole news clip to find out what, who or why it had happened.

The news is just to darn depressing to watch especially when it shows poor helpless animals or children who have suffered at the hands of an adult that should know better. (That is why I have such a hard time forgiving Michael Vick or the Eagles for signing a dog murderer.) We treat all life with respect and wish the rest of humanity would too.

The following day we learned that the little kitty would be okay and that the PSPCA was offering a reward for news leading to an arrest in the case.

The PSPCA had named the lil tabby cat Sticky (how appropriately cute). While we really wanted to run into Philly and adopt her on the spot, we already have four cats in our little city home. We just couldn’t offer a proper home to another cat at this time. So we silently wished her well knowing she would be quickly adopted since her horrible ordeal was aired on the news. Turns out more than 100 people had called in wanting to adopt her!

Today we got the good news from the PSPCA that not only did Sticky get a forever home, but the bad man that had done this to her had been arrested and is now facing criminal charges.

Our hope is that the 99 plus people that did not get to adopt Sticky could open their hearts and their homes to another kitty cat awaiting adoption at the PSPCA.

Mar 032009

Our friends Gary and Faith were fined because they did not shovel their grass! Can you believe that? When I first heard about this from my friend Scott I thought it was the stupidest thing in the entire world then I saw the news tonight and I changed my position. Now I think the mayor of Laureldale is the stupidest thing in the entire world or at least his position on the fining of his constituents over not shoveling snow from the grass around their homes is. Anyone wanna place a bet that a certain mayor won’t be re-elected next term?

Well, this travesty of justice is no longer just a Reading news tidbit it has made it to the Philadelphia news (maybe we can take it national).

If there is no sidewalk then people should not be walking there in the first place. Heck, I would not want my lawn destroyed by people walking all over it let alone destroyed by having to shovel a bare spot in it. If the town wants people to have public walkways around their homes then they should put in sidewalks on all sides of all homes. Then and only then can I see enforcing a law about snow removal, but removal of snow from a yard, no way.

It is a little ridiculous to be digging out 50-year-old laws and sticking people with $110 fines without any warning. If Laureldale wants there to be a safe walkway there then put in a sidewalk, but don’t ask them to ruin their lawns by shoveling or even allowing people to trespass on their private property. No sidewalk makes it a private lawn not a public thoroughfare.

Watch the news clip and/or read the whole sad sorted story at

Oct 132008

You may have seen Pennsylvania on the national news (I am pretty sure Dateline, Oprah or one of the other big news magazine shows did an expose on our dirty little secret – puppy mills). PA along with other states with large Amish populations have a great number of them running a new cash crop. That crop would be dogs. Now mind you it is not only the Amish who are making a quick buck on breeding dogs, but they are the most prominent in my area. Just driving down a one-mile stretch of road to my parent’s house I pass three such puppy mills. These poor puppies are expected to be someone’s pet but they are not properly cared for, are not healthy, not socialized and are just like any other crop to these people.

Please do not buy your next dog from a pet store or off a farm. Inspect the breeder carefully, do your research and visit the pups as they develop with their mother. If you do you’ll get a happier and much healthier animal for your family.

No Puppy MillsFor more information please visit united against puppy mills. org or the Humane Society’s website. If you are in PA please contact your senator to make sure that House Bill 2525 gets past passed. My Senator Mike O’ Pake voted yes on the dog legislation according to the letter I received from his office in response to my email. So please take a minute out of your day to write an email, make a phone call or mail a letter (yes snail mail still works in this country and is some times more affective than electronic mail – yeah, the e stands for electronic). And get your own ribbon to support the cause.

Senator O’PakePuppy mill updatethe Pennsylvania state senate has passed the House Bill 2525 on October 8, 2008 by a vote of 49 to 1. I just got a letter from my Senato,r Mike O’ Pake, informing me of success. He voted in the affirmative (that is yes). I wonder who the idiot that voted no was? Or even better what their reason was for voting in the negative?

As Sen. O’ Pake’s letter states, “These dogs will receive the proper and humane treatment that they deserve.” This is a good victory for pet lovers and will certainly help in the senators bid for re-election next month.

May 122008
Amish Murderers, What's Next?

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Sep 152007

Licensed Star Trek caskets and urns for that final voyage… FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Eternal Image, Inc. (OTC:ETIM.PK – News), a public company engaged in the design, manufacturing and marketing of licensed brand image funerary products such as caskets and urns, today announced it has executed an agreement to design, manufacture and market a line of […]

Aug 282007

More and more pet foods are being recalled. Almost everyday it seems. The latest recall is for dog food from Mars Petcare. [see FDA press release fo rmore info] Here is identification information on the recalled products: Product: Krasdale Gravy dry dog food Size: Five-pound bag UPC Code: 7513062596 Best By Date: July 16, 2008 […]