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Jun 052008

YouTube was one of those sites I was late to get into. I mean really into. But alas it has happened and I often find myself spending hours looking for comedians, cartoons, LEGO films, silly how-to-videos, silly pet videos and more on You could waste your time in worse ways you know. The visoes […]

May 282008

When the weather gets warmer and school’s out American’s head out to the waterways. Each year there are numerous accidents and even deaths caused by inexperienced boaters and in appropriate behavior on our nations waterways. Fortunately fatal boating accidents were down last year, but incidents of accidents, injuries and property damage were all up in […]

May 222008

I justed happened across this video this morning while I was avoiding going to the hospital for my tests (still dealing with that accident six months ago). Any who, this video shows some very, very cool artwork done on sidewalks with chalk (unbelievable stuff with such depth and dimension you wish it were permanent) and […]

Track Your Family With Live GPS Via The Web

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May 182008
Track Your Family With Live GPS Via The Web

Live View GPS will help you locate anything anywhere. Really. This is great for corporate fleets to keep an eye on there drivers. But who cares about that. What will this GPS Tracking service do for my family and me? Plenty. Use it to track your teenage driver. Is she really at Sally’s house like […]

May 152008

Mom always told me that people that had diabetes like her were shaped like her with thin legs and rounder in the middle. Turns out she might actually be right. Scientists are now saying that the fat found around the hips and thighs may actually protect you against getting the disease. So it turns out […]

May 112008

Are you looking for the convenience and privacy of an online pharmacy for your prescription medications? You are not alone. Many people are turning to the internet to fill prescriptions for many conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED), genital herpes, birth control, and acne medications as these can be embarrassing conditions, which need treatment and for […]