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Jun 232008

My little blog has gotten some national attention. Last week a writer from The Christian Science Monitor contacted me about my post on dogs in the office and why it is not always a benefit. He later called and interviewed me. His article is in the paper this week and is also posted on line.

Thing is he totally twisted what I said. I guess that’s what reporters do make the facts or quotes fit into their story, their opinion. He also didn’t read my post or decided no one who reads his article will ever come read my original post so it wouldn’t matter how he changed my Comments around.

I guess what bothers me the most about his article is that I told him my main complaint about dogs at the office was my allergies. I am very allergic to dogs. Just being in the same room triggers it, I get itchy from head to toe, hives on my face and hands, a really bad headache and my eyes get watery and itchy. That’s all from one dog. We rarely have more than that at work, but if someone else brings a dog in it really compounds the problem. I also told him that if a co-worker had a german shepherd that came to the office I would not be able to come to work as I am deathly afraid of that breed of dog. I had a really bad incident as a child and the trauma has stayed with me to this day. The article makes out as if I am afraid of all dogs, not true. In fact I actually like dogs they just make me sick.

I guess I can live with the creative licenses taken in the article. He just needed me to be the bitchy voice of opposition for this positive article on dogs at the work place. Even though I was misquoted I am glad to be that nagging little pain in the butt for the next company that wants to set up a policy to allow their employees to bring their dogs to work.

I did a little research and I think people like myself with severe allergies could have some recourse through the Americans with Disabilities Act if their employers ignore them in favor of the dogs.

See for yourself by reading my orginial article One Person’s Office Perk is Another Person’s Nightmare – Dogs at the Office and then compare it to the quote at the site Why more offices are going to the dogs.