LEGO Brand Retail
Aug 262007

I picked up a case of the new Mountain Dew flavor Game Fuel over the weekend before having tried it. Big mistake! I liked all the other flavors to date, except the energy drinks. The Orange, Cherry and even Grape were all good, but this one is just not right. It comes in a Halo 3 can called Gaming Fuel and it looks really cool. Don’t let that fool you.

The only way that I can describe the taste is to tell you that it tastes like a cheap Christmas candle smells. It is overly sweet. Another person I asked to try it told me it was really sweet like cotton candy. Probably a better taste people might like over a sweet weird spicy taste like a candle smell, but still not a good quality in a Dew product.

When I saw the package advertise it as an invigorating blast of citrus cherry flavor I made the wrong assumption that maybe they just mixed Code Red [cherry] and Live Wire [orange] together [both great flavors might be good together]. And now I wasted $6 on a case of this stuff that I cannot even give away!

So I tried looking at the ingredients to see what flavors they put in this thing to make it taste so bad and all they list are natural flavors. What are these natural flavors? I might very well be allergic to them and I should be told what they are so I know in case my throat closes on me [I have a slight odd feeling in my throat like when I am having an allergic reaction so there might be something to that statement]. While checking out those very same ingredients I see they add “glycerol ester of wood rosin”. What the heck is that? And what in the world is it doing in a beverage? What purpose does it serve? Anyone? No wonder I thought this drink tasted like a Christmas tree there’s one in there!