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Apr 222010

I think every pet owner out there remembers the huge pet food recall a few years back that had to affect on every pet owners lives. That particular recall did not just hit one manufacturer or brand, but a huge list.

In trying to keep my fur kids safe from such things I keep an eye out for pet industry recalls when I hear about them and spread the news through every channel available to me.

A few months ago there was the Merrick Dog Treat Recall and this month we have a lesser known brand being recalled.

Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs made by Response Products is being recalled for a possible Salmonella health risk. They so no dogs have been reported as sick because of the product and that they are just pulling the product because of lab tests. Not so sure I believe that one completely, but all we have is the FDA press release about the recall.

So if your dog is taking Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula for Dogs please read the recall report and check your supply carefully.

Should your dogs treats be in the recall please handle them carefully and wash your hand thoroughly so you don’t get sick from the Salmonella either.  Stay healthy and enjoy your pets!

Jun 062008

SBB Pet Food FestAre you looking for something to do on June 14th? Want to win a years supply of pet food? Head to the Pet Food Festival being held by ShopByBreed on the 14th for your chance to win either a years supply of dog food or a years supply of cat food.

Besides this awesome chance to win a great prize you’ll also get to meet and talk with representatives of the best pet food manufacturers out there like Wellness, Innova, Nutro Natural Choice, Nature’s Variety, and Royal Canin. They’ll be on hand to field your questions about the quality of food you feed your bestest-best friends as well as hand out samples. Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Before you go head over to the Nature’s Variety website to get yourself a coupon for a free bag of dry kibble or raw food for your pet. You might as well go prepared, right?

from Pet Food Fest in Exton, PA

May 032008

Red Bearded DragonsIn March I went to the Pet Expo here in Reading. I know it took me long enough to write about it. It was very interesting and pretty much fun. I went with a friend of mine and her husband. We walked through the entire thing. It was huge. My favorite were the reptiles. Not that I want any it’s just the bunch of them together were fun to watch. Especially the bearded dragons.

There were lots of rescue groups there too for just about every dog breed. Tons of stores with loads of stuff to buy. Mostly dog related but there were things for other pet lovers too. Beside the dogs there was also loads of ferret groups.

There is also a huge horse arena, a dog agility arena, dogs doing fly ball (that was fun to watch), cat show, pet costume contests. People could bring their pets along too. There was even a big old tiger there. Below you can see a few other pictures I took like the smiling potbelly pig and the over dressed little yorky.

Happy Pig in Awful Outfit Happy Go Lucky Little Yorkie

Apr 222008

Today is Earth Day and it’s going to the dogs. I have already written about my favorite eco-superhero Captain Planet and his trusty sidekicks the Planeteers the other day listing a few helpful things you can do every day to make our planet a better place to live.

Today I want to write a little about our pets and what we can do to help them help us on our quest for a more environmentally friendly planet. I just think it is important that we make changes in every aspect of our lives and this includes our pets.

First and foremost are the toys besides treats this is what we buy the most of for our furry little friends. Pet toys vary in product types and the materials used to make them.

Look for toys that are either recycled or can be recycled. These can include plush, rubber and plastic toys. Remember to recycle the packaging too. Most packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and plastics. Be mindful of what you send out to the landfills.

Try to find all natural alternatives to pest control instead of using harsh chemicals. This is better for the environment and for your pet.

Organic treats will not only be healthier for your pets but will not add unwanted chemicals and fertilizers to the soil thus reducing ground pollution.

AKC’s Green Planet Collection of toys are made of recycled materials and so is the packaging.

West Paw Designs Eco Toys are made from recycled plastic bottles. Not sure how they do it but the material and the stuffing used to be plastic bottles. Pretty cool huh? They also make beds and rubber out of the recycled materials too.

EcoPure Naturals makes natural products for your pets from flea and tick spray to aromatherapy for dogs.

Robbie Dawg makes tasty organic treats for dogs and cats.

Whole Life treats are freeze dried treats with basically one ingredient. Those ingredients come from free range or wild caught animals.

These great toys, treats and other fine products are available at and check them out today!

Apr 052008

While I wasn’t able to find a definitive answer to my question from a vet or pet site. That question being: Are onions bad for cats? I was able to find a very knowledgeable and friendly online group [Cats and Kittens Yahoo Group] that confirmed for me that my suspicions were correct.

Onions are indeed just as bad for cats as they are for dogs. Onions do the same thing to felines as it does to canines.

An onion will basically cause the animal to become anemic by attacking the cat’s hemoglobin just like in dogs. They even go on to explain about a Heinz Body, the dangers of onion powder and that garlic has the same dangerous compound only in lower doses than onions. These people know their kitties that’s for sure. They were also a huge help to me when I first got Boris as a baby that needed hand fed.

Boy the list of bad foods and things to keep away from my precious pets just keeps getting longer and longer!

Aug 282007

More and more pet foods are being recalled. Almost everyday it seems. The latest recall is for dog food from Mars Petcare. [see FDA press release fo rmore info] Here is identification information on the recalled products: Product: Krasdale Gravy dry dog food Size: Five-pound bag UPC Code: 7513062596 Best By Date: July 16, 2008 […]