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Oct 142012

Do you know what the term “black hat” means. Would you understand it if it were used in a footnote of an article you were reading? Most likely not.

Black Hat is a hacker term for someone who violates computer security.

I was recently appalled by an article about SEO tactics that were so incredibly WRONG it had me seeing red. The article in question is titled: How To Trick Bloggers Into Linking To You and it reads like a DIY kit to SEO via images, Even though the author states the article is a black hat situation (kind of off handed at the end of the article), the article itself would get any photographer angry.

Two things that the article tells people to do (THAT THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER DO) is…

1) use Google image search to post images to your website/blog (stealing images violates copyright laws and is, well, just plan WRONG).

2) use Google’s image search to find blogs using those images then go to the site and claim them as yours (holy crap that is just so wrong I cannot even put it into words).

The article in question reads like a How-To-Guide for folks looking to increase SEO via back linking. Back linking is good this article and all it suggests is not.

The guy that wrote it is the one who developed Triberr (a good tool for bloggers), but this article really undermines his integrity if you ask me.

So basically, just don’t trust anything you read over at

Dec 232008

I might hate snow but it sure is beautiful. I don’t mind it as long as it stays off the roads. Problem is it does not stay off the roads. The east coast has been hit with snow, sleet and ice for the past few days. It is warming up and boy am I glad. Unfortunately, the warm up might take away the white Christmas so I took some pictures so we can all have a white xmas to look at.

Snowy morning More snow more snow white xmas trees

Dec 142008

Spider on my carI found this photo when I was downloading my images the other day and thought I would share it here. One day on my way to work this past Fall I had a hitchhiker on my car antenna. I hope you can see how big and perfect this spider’s web was. I am not a fan of the arachnid, but as long as there is glass between us I can appreciate their beauty.

The spider along with his artwork did not last too long once my car hit about 30 mph.

Sep 272008

Today was the big day for the Berks Humane Society. It was their annual Walk for the Animals and Walktoberfest. This year it was held at the First Energy Stadium home of the Reading Phillies because it outgrew all its previous venues. The turn out was great and really big crowd of dogs and their walkers. I don’t have a dog, but that does not mean I don’t like them (even if I am allergic to them I still love all animals and want to do what I can to help those in need). The weather held out and was only a fine mist no rain (thank goodness for the reduced wet dog smell).

There were plenty of things to do and see besides the walk. Vendors inside selling everything from dog toys to housewares. Loads of rescues pleading their causes and tugging at heart strings! Dog lovers of all shapes and sizes were there along with the pups of varying shapes and sizes. Below are my photos (I could have taken so many more, but you’ll get the idea and maybe you can join us next year).

I want to thank everyone who helped sponsor me your donations are greatly appreciated! We raised $105 for the Humane Society. It is great to know I could be a small part of something so big.

My cats wondering why I was going to play w/dogs! Humane Society of Berks County Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 - small fight broke out Walktoberfest 2008 Mascot

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Senator O’Pake Re: Puppy Mills

Senator O’Pake Adorable Puppy Walktoberfest 2008

French Bull Dog Bee Not too happy bulldog Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008 Walktoberfest 2008

Sep 102008

MicroscopeLooking out at the universe isn’t my only hobby. I really enjoyed microbiology and love looking at the microverse. Viewing tiny, little creepy crawlies is fun. And with this microscope it would be really fun. Instead of the standard eyepiece it has an LCD screen to view the little buggers. There is also an SD slot so you can capture both video and still shots as well as download directly to your PC with the USB cable. This would be great for any science geek, young or old.

Under $300 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Nov 162007
If You Don't Get One For Xmas Get Yourself a Digital Camera

I know the title of this post sounds pushy but you really won’t regret it. [Unless you by a super cheap one with with only one megapixel resolution that is.] I was a diehard SLR user who refused to go digital. I never thought I would be happy with the quality of a digital camera. […]

Oct 292007

Christmas time is coming and now is the time for getting all your gifts. If you are like me your list is comprised mostly of electronic items. Well, electronics require power and usually more power than the manufacturer gives us. Laptops are a number one gift but most only come with a two-hour battery. Not […]

Jun 032007
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus

This film, [amazon_link id=”B000XW5A50″ target=”_blank” ]Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus[/amazon_link], which is very loosely based on Diane Arbus is pure fantasy. The title an imaginary portrait does not even begin to touch on how imaginary this really is. As one reviewer put it, this is “a modern day beauty and the beast”. Nicole […]