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Oct 142012

Do you know what the term “black hat” means. Would you understand it if it were used in a footnote of an article you were reading? Most likely not.

Black Hat is a hacker term for someone who violates computer security.

I was recently appalled by an article about SEO tactics that were so incredibly WRONG it had me seeing red. The article in question is titled: How To Trick Bloggers Into Linking To You and it reads like a DIY kit to SEO via images, Even though the author states the article is a black hat situation (kind of off handed at the end of the article), the article itself would get any photographer angry.

Two things that the article tells people to do (THAT THEY SHOULD NEVER EVER DO) is…

1) use Google image search to post images to your website/blog (stealing images violates copyright laws and is, well, just plan WRONG).

2) use Google’s image search to find blogs using those images then go to the site and claim them as yours (holy crap that is just so wrong I cannot even put it into words).

The article in question reads like a How-To-Guide for folks looking to increase SEO via back linking. Back linking is good this article and all it suggests is not.

The guy that wrote it is the one who developed Triberr (a good tool for bloggers), but this article really undermines his integrity if you ask me.

So basically, just don’t trust anything you read over at

May 022008

OrchidsI love pretty flowers, although they do not always love me. I have severe allergies. I am pretty much allergic to anything that grows in this state plant and animal. I go every week for shots to help. Not that they seem to be helping too much. We went to a green house the other day and there were loads of pretty flowers. Not that I could come home with any and not just because of the allergies either. I tend to kill plants. The never really servive too long in my care. No green thumbs here just black ones. So while everyone else was buying flowers I was taking pictures. Hey as the old saying goes, they last longer.