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Mar 052009

I was just over at (trying to sign up for a product test) when I stumbled onto their blog post about this video game that even I think is rather disgusting (coming from me that means a lot).

Mind you, I am not one for censorship, but this game pushes the envelope (even my envelope and hopefully yours too). And I have to say I almost agree with it being pulled from online stores like Amazon and eBay.

The game is called Rapelay and I can only hope it has a rating of MATURE and all places selling it are checking Ids before handing it over to anyone. (Shame you can’t do a psych evaluation too as this game is harsh and some sick minds thrive on this shit.)

If you thought Grand Theft Auto and the like were bad influences on your kids they have nothing on this game where you stalk, assault and rape mothers and their daughters.

People are trying to get this horrid game banned. But I am not so sure a ban is really what should be done. Historically banned games, videos, and music always seem to sell more after they have been banned. What needs to be done is to educate parents about these things, encourage them to watch what their kids are playing and get those parents to stop the game from ever entering their kids lives, because if people want this game they will get it ban or no ban.

This is the type of video game that you would expect to find in a Hentai shop or an adult bookstore along with all the other sex games, not on the shelves of your local Walmart or even the virtual shelves of Amazon or eBay.

Dec 232008

I was’t gonna bite themLike Pooh Bear said, “I was only gonna taste it.”

I don’t think this bad boy was only gonna taste it. He is known for chewing on wires. I had to pull up those PS2 cables before he got a chance to rip into them. Boris thinks anything and everything is a cat toy!

Jun 042008

This week’s I Want It Wednesday post is pretty simple. As you can see by my earlier posts I obviously have a Wii. It took me a while and at first I wasn’t sure I was falling for all the hype. Then my nieces got one and I went over to play. Big mistake.

First because the hooked me on Guitar Hero another bit of popular culture I wasn’t going to get sucked into. Well within a week of playing it I had Guitar Hero III for my PS2 and had spent the weekend doing nothing but playing the game. Then the following week I wound up buying the other three games too!

Soon after I jumped on the Guitar Hero bandwagon I decided I would hitch my wagon to the Wii as well. But no Guitar Hero for the Wii has come into play just yet.

This month Rock Band comes out for the Wii and you guessed it, I want it.

May 012008

Beer and Cigarettes Beer and cigarettes, not your usual treats for kids is it? When my nieces were little and my mom would be watching them they would stop by this little local general store and buy just that, beer and cigarettes.

Okay, so it was root beer and candy sticks (called candy cigarettes back in my day). They would love this. Made them feel like they were being bad and all grown up. (Funny thing about this is no one in the family drinks or smokes in real life. So where do the kids get these ideas? TV?)

 Now they are just about all grown up (20 and 17) but the other day when we were passing that little store we asked if they wanted to stop in for beer and cigarettes and the answer was yes. We got an added bonus of (bubble gum) cigars too.

So we had ourselves a wild little party of Guitar Hero, beer and cigarettes. Pretty fun afternoon especially since the teenagers decided to hang out with us old farts.

Jan 042008

Indian Jones LEGO sets have hit the shelves. In fact I found them at Toys R Us a few weeks before Christmas. They had them even before the LEGO store had them online. These are pretty cool. I like that LEGO has been jumping on some good properties since they started licensing sets. I don’t like their move to change the mini-figure. I hate the flesh toned mini-figs. It just isn’t right. They should have stayed yellow. I know they had to make it so they could do African-American characters too. The Lando Calrissian mini figure was the first to appear and soon there after they did the NBA figures then all licensed characters were made with skin tones both Caucasian and Afro-American. The tirade is over now. Suffice it to say I do not like the flesh tones and be done with it. The Indy sets are pretty sweet and a little more geared to adults than kids. I think it would be cool of LEGO to just sell the mini figs as I do not need all the bricks but really want all the figures! Oh and like the Star Wars LEGO before them there will also be Indy LEGO video games. Sweet!

Nov 172007

The new Microsoft game Mass Effect has been banned in Singapore due to graphic content. What is that graphic content you might ask? Well, two women kissing. The game has a scene in which a human woman is kissing and caressing an alien woman. Singapore’s Media Development Authority reportedly banned it. Singapore has a ban […]

Sep 102007

I came across this great list tonight and just wanted to share it with you folks. These are so funny. Makes me wanna go find some of these games at my local Microplay store and sit down for the weekend and jsut play with the gay 🙂 Check out the whole list…