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Aug 212013
Elysium: Entertainment or Pure Propaganda? (via

Hollywood is often accused of being part of a ‘liberal media elite’, using its considerable power to promote a liberal political agenda. The idea of a liberal media bias is easy to understand – even if you don’t agree with it – when you’…

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Oct 182012

I did not witness it in person, but apparently Mitt Romney made a comment about a “binder full or women” which has spread like wild wildfire across the internet. And will live forever as an internet meme.

It has been a trending topic on Twitter for the last few days. #bindersfullofwomen with some funny stuff coming out of the net.


Even if your a Romney fan/supporter you’ll get a kick out of the fun that folks are having over on Amazon. Go read the reviews of the Avery Binders over there and tell me you didn’t laugh at some of them. I dare you.

I hope Amazon leaves those up. At 50 pages and counting they could probably slap it into a book and sell it!

May 152011

If you haven’t heard it before you will most likely hear about it shortly.

Sen. Rick Santorum has a problem with Google (well not just Google but all the search engines really, but apparently he uses and blames Google the most).

When you search for his name a nasty website tops the charts. This was a prank pulled on him back in 2003 but still gets relevant SEO rankings today.

If you want to know what the prank is simply read the search engines description of the site that pops up first (no not the paid ads which I assume is how Santorum’s team is fighting back. Or better yet go the the wikipedia article  Santorum (neologism) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What does that mean for Rick Santorum? Not much really. He can’t remove it and the more people link to it the higher the rankings will go (reason I don’t link to it). But this will never go away — EVER.

Not that I am a fan of Santorum in any way shape or form. I just don’t wish to propagate this type of trash.

Perhaps this is a lesson for everyone. Be careful out their because you don’t want someone posting something nasty about you on the net.

Apr 222008

I don’t care who you vote for this is not a political debate here. I just think every person in PA of voting age needs to get out there and make their voices known.

If you are not a registered voter shame on you.

I stopped in and gave them my two cents worth before heading to work. I couldn’t believe it that I was the only one in there voting! And I was only number 25 too!

Just wondering, do you think the placement on the ballet has any influence on the folks who go to vote and are still undecided? I saw the Democrats had Obama over Hillary and Ron Paul was first on the ballet for the Republicans. So if you go to do your civic duty and are not sure who you are voting for until you get in there would that placement make a difference to you?

Update: Hillary won the PA Primary.