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Aug 072008

My Mom just loved my original haunted bird feeder and requested one of her own. I hadn’t really thought I would ever make another one, but heck it is Mom afterall. She wanted a smaller version. Something she could sit on her window sill then she added two story. So I picked up a Pet Zone Pop-up Finch Feeder to haunt for her. Even though I knew she wasn’t going to be using it as a bird feeder I made sure to leave the window area for seed retrieval open just in case. I also added the “BEWARE OF CAT” sign I had on mine. I pretty much fashioned hers after the haunted bird feeder v1. I started when I got home from work and worked straight through until about 1:30 am.

Haunted Bird Feeder v2 01 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 02 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 03 Haunted Bird Feeder v2 04


Aug 042008

I had this pretty nice bird feeder (it is a Colonial Bird Feeder from Pet Zone), but the one window was broken out so the bird feed would not stay in the feeder. I thought, “what do you do with a broken window”. You board it up. So I set to work. First, I repaired the window by hot gluing a piece of plastic over the open window then I dry brushed the entire house to give it a weathered look. After taht I added scuply boards and other creepy decorations. Viola, a haunted bird feeder! Not sure yet if I will be using it as a bird feeder or if I will just use it as a decoration. All in all this project took me about two weeks to complete. (kind of explains where I have been doesn’t it?)

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 01 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 02 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 03 

Haunted Bird Feeder v1 04 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 05 Haunted Bird Feeder v1 06

Jul 262008

I stopped by Michael’s today to pick up some stuff for my yet unannounced project and I saw they have most of their Halloween stuff out already. Loads of new haunted houses from Lemax. These are similar to The Dept. 56 houses just not as good or as expensive. We have been collecting these for several years now. The haunted village gets set up on years we don’t have our big Halloween blow out.

New Tomb for my GraveyardNothing really thrills me this year, which is good as I can use the money for something else. I did pick up a Crypt for my mini cemetery and a set of light up tombstones. Normally, I stay away from the figures but this year they had a Zombie dog chasing a Zombie cat that I just had to get.

Now that the light up stones are out of the package I am not too sure about them. I will wait a see what B has to say. If I get approval I will keep them if not back they go. If I can find pictures of last years display I will post them here.

Jul 212008

Skeleton ChairsI’m currently on the look out for one or two free straight back chairs for yet another project I want to try, I saw this DIY Halloween project posted over at and I want some. So first step is to find the chairs, which could take a while. So until the chairs are in my possession I’m not going to worry about not having a jigsaw (I think my Dad has one I could use). I’ll worry about that once this project is under way.

Jul 192008

There’s this guy that is doing amazing Halloween displays. His main medium is papier mache. I stumbled across his site the other day,, This guy’s work is amazing.

I wish I had half his talent. If I did, I would be armpit deep in papier mache right now. Once I get a few things planned out for my displays this year I might have to try out some of these techniques he shows off. If mine work out I will certainly post them here. If they don’t I’ll just make mention of my failures.

Jul 152008

It is only July and we are already getting back-to-school and Halloween being shoved down our little retail throats. Halloween I don’t mind, school I could live without (and I don’t even take classes any more – it is just that to me back-to-school means the beginning of the end). The only thing good about […]