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Sep 082011

If you haven’t heard about it is about time you do. It is owned by the Halo company (you know the pet food company that has Ellen as an owner) and they have a different trivia question daily on their sites and (I just learned about the kitty one myself.)

Every time you answer a trivia question on their sites they will donate 10 pieces of kibble (20 if you go to both sites). Fear not if you don’t know the answer they will still donate the kibble and give you the correct answer. It is a win-win situation.

They are doing a special donation today (Thursday, September 8th). All the kibble they get donated will go to 2 shelters that are in areas where Irene did some real damage, Central Vermont Humane Society ( and the Fayetteville, NC Animal Protection Society ((

The goal for today is 10K meals (I think that works out to 1 million pieces of kibble). So please spread the word and jump over to their sites and answer those questions.

This is a fun way to give back and it doesn’t cost you a thing!

Sep 052011

Boris was a rescue, but not your typical adoption. We actually adopted Boris before his furry little butt ever went to the humane society. We already had it in mind to adopt our next cat, but weren’t ready to do it just yet when he showed up on our doorstep.  Quite literally. One of our neighbors brought this little three week old kitten over to us to see if we wanted him.

Had the little guy been taken to the humane society he would have been put down. Shelters just don’t have the resources to hand feed and wean a kitten until it is old enough for adoption.

After my mom died I needed something to help me get through it. A distraction from the world. Boris answered the call.

One night Boris jumped up next to me on the sofa to check on me. He has a great way of knowing something is wrong and being there to take care of me.

That night I set about getting him a twitter account and some online pals (others who were up late at night tweeting as their pets). Turns out this was one of the best things I could have ever done. If it hadn’t been for Boris keeping such a watchful eye on me during my grieving process and inspiring me to get online as him, I honestly don’t know if I would be here today.

Our motto soon became “Who rescued Who? (I know the grammar’s wrong but who cares?)

It wasn’t long before Boris also took over the blog I started when we first got him and “we” were inspired by other anipal (animal friends) to help others as he has helped me. The blog changed names to – 4 Paws for a Cause. “We” started doing more to help the helpless animals out there that are less fortunate than Boris. I wanted to give back.

I started out small by taking needed items over to the Animal Rescue League or down to the Humane Society of Berks County. Then by starting to participate in the Walk for the Animals the HSBC holds each year (this year will be the 4th year for me).  I took a cue from another online anipal and started SCIFIpawty to raise money for rescues. Then I started volunteering down at the humane society and will be starting tomorrow volunteering at Petco with One by One Cat Rescue. (We won’t mention that we are foster failures — having added three more cats to our feline family in the process.)

Doing even the smallest thing for these animals is just so rewarding. I love going in and socializing the cats (that’s volunteer speak for playing with).

I honestly don’t know where I would be or what I would be doing if I had not rescued that helpless little kitten that turned around and rescued me. I feel honored to be able to help out those animals in need. Thank you Boris you are my hero.

Want to read more about Boris’ rescue story as well as many other inspiring cat tales? Check out the Happy Tails Book: [amazon_link id=”0982696418″ target=”_blank” ]Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Cats[/amazon_link]


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Oct 152010

Iams Home 4 the Holidays officially opened its “doors” October 1st, the start of national Adopt a Pet Month and runs through the Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years) ending January 4, 2011.

Their goal this year is to find homes for 1.5 million animals. If that wasn’t a lofty enough idea they are also striving to donate 5 million meals to shelter animals! They are doing this because they understand not everyone can adopt and for those of us that still wish to participate we can do so by helping them reach that goal if not the adoption goal.

To date the Iams Home 4 the Holidays program has found homes for 4.6 million animals and enriching the lives of just as many people in the process!

“We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve helped more than 4.6 million animals find homes over the last 11 years,” said Maria Beatriz Rodriguez, Iams general manager. “Our core mission has been and remains to reduce pet homelessness through adoption.

So you want to do something to help? Head over to facebook and “like” the Iams page, which by the way also has great tips and information on how to help. For now though simply clicking “like” will donate a meal. Doing that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and all you had to do was something you do daily anyways. Can’t get any easier than that. Take it a step further and invite your friends to do the same, each new like means another meal.

Oct 012009

Last week, September 22 to be exact, we saw a horrible image on the news. It was of an adorable little brown tabby cat all wrapped up like a mummy in duct tape. We could not bear to watch the whole news clip to find out what, who or why it had happened.

The news is just to darn depressing to watch especially when it shows poor helpless animals or children who have suffered at the hands of an adult that should know better. (That is why I have such a hard time forgiving Michael Vick or the Eagles for signing a dog murderer.) We treat all life with respect and wish the rest of humanity would too.

The following day we learned that the little kitty would be okay and that the PSPCA was offering a reward for news leading to an arrest in the case.

The PSPCA had named the lil tabby cat Sticky (how appropriately cute). While we really wanted to run into Philly and adopt her on the spot, we already have four cats in our little city home. We just couldn’t offer a proper home to another cat at this time. So we silently wished her well knowing she would be quickly adopted since her horrible ordeal was aired on the news. Turns out more than 100 people had called in wanting to adopt her!

Today we got the good news from the PSPCA that not only did Sticky get a forever home, but the bad man that had done this to her had been arrested and is now facing criminal charges.

Our hope is that the 99 plus people that did not get to adopt Sticky could open their hearts and their homes to another kitty cat awaiting adoption at the PSPCA.