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Feb 222010

I was watching the Food network the other day and they were talking about George Stone Crab in Florida. These great big crab claws looked so good! But when am I going to be in Florida? Guess what? They deliver anywhere in the good ole USA. Gotta get me some stone crab claws.

One of the coolest things about these crab claws is that they are harvested fresh every day and the crab is released. Their claws grow back. How cool is that?

Oct 182008

We recently discovered a little restaurant in the middle of town called the Marvel Ranch. It is at 4th and Penn in downtown Reading. We have been driving by this place for twenty odd years and thought it was a closed down dive. Well it isn’t either of those things.

The outside does present itself as a dive and perhaps the inside isn’t much better, but the food is good and inexpensive. It has a homey feel like Mel’s in Alice’s Restaurant. (We haven’t gone in enough times to know if The Marvel Ranch has its own version of Flo or not. But the locals and regulars add plenty of color and character to the overall atmosphere even without a Flo in the mix.)

The hours at the Marvel are a bit odd (this is why we assumed it was no longer in business). They open real early to catch the folks heading off to work something like 5:30 or 6: 00 (you won’ t catch me up that early). Then close around I:00 pm and 12:00pm on Sundays. You can get their entire menu at any time. So if you want a burger at 6 am you can get it or if you want the Marvel Mess at noon you can get that too. What is the Marvel Mess? It is an omelet that is pretty much a Marvel Ranch exclusive. It includes scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, ham, onions, and peppers all served up in a heap on your plate for only a few dollars. The also serve a smaller portion called the mini marvel mess. A stack of 3 pancakes is under 3 dollars.

Next time you find yourself in Reading in the morning looking for a good place for breakfast or an early lunch check out this hidden treasure that’s just across the Penn Street bridge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know we were.

Jul 062008

As I said on the fourth I spent not only the day in bed but just about the entire weekend. If it weren’t for my friend pulling me out of thehouse on Saturday I would have spent the entire weekend in bed.

Saturday we went to the Tiki Bar with my friend and her husband. We had a good time. Good company, nice view (sat by the river), saw wild life (mating — sun fish, bullfrog, turtle and dragonflies). While we did not really want to cook our own meal and pay high prices of a served meal it was still fun. And still cheaper than therapy.

Nov 142007

I love Pooh Bear. He’s all stuffed with fluff, you know?

I really thought the black cloud hanging over me when going out to eat [which is not Pooh with a balloon] was slowly moving on, but it appears to have returned.

A week ago we had dinner at the Red Lobster. It really was a good experience. The food was good [can’t go wrong with shrimp in any form] and the service was top notch. Really the only complaint I could have had was I found two shells in my Lobster bisque. I did not bite into them and I cannot fault the restaurant for using actual real lobster, now can I? This good experience has lead me to believe things would start to look up. But it was only a break in the storm.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Applebee’s for a second time. No I have not been back yet. But after that initial complaint I was told they would send out a gift certificate to make us happy and keep us coming back. Well almost three weeks later and no mail has come. It was only being mailed about 2 miles so it should have been here long ago. So I gave them a call and gentle reminder. We shall see.

But last night I went to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Alebrije. I ordered one of my usual dishes which I normally LOVE. Last night I was not so lucky. Not only was it merely luke warm the steak was extremely salty. I thought maybe it was the sauce, no. It was the meat. I could not eat more than a third of it and had to ask them to take it off the bill. Thank god[dess] for flan or I would have left there hungry, which would have been a first for me when leaving that restaurant.

In case my post title threw you off here are the lyrics to the song sung by Winnie the Pooh Bear in Disney’s cartoon:

I’m just a little black rain cloud
hovering under the honey tree,
Only a little black rain cloud,
pay no attention to little me.

Everyone knows that a rain cloud
never eats honey, no, not a nip.
I’m just floating around over the ground,
wondering where I will drip.

Oct 312007

Value meals are known for their low costs and smaller quantities. The one restaurant that seemed to still give you a decent sized burger for your dollar was McDonald’s. Not any more.

I ordered a double cheeseburger the other day and took six big bites before I ever hit meat. I pulled the bun off and took a look at what was inside [wish I had my camera with me at the time]. The burgers weren’t much bigger than a silver dollar and almost as thing. I really thought McD’s stole the patties from Wendy’s, who has been short changing us on the beef for years. [They’ll never be able to bring back the commercials with the little old lady yelling, “where’s the beef?” because it ain’t at Wendy’s nor McDonald’s for that matter.

Guess what they say is true. You get what you pay for and a buck these days does get you nothing but crap.