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Jun 012009

Below you will find two signs I happened across. Both of which are missing commas therefore making the meaning of the sign slightly different than intended. Not quite as much fun as the Blog of Unnecessary Quotes, but almost. I am not quite sure what an alcohol dog is and I have never heard of a drying vacuum either…

Alcohol Dogs  Drying Vacuum

Aug 212008

It is getting to be that time of year again. Time to go back-to-school. I live with a teacher so even though I don’t have to head back to school myself I get all those old feelings stirred up every year as this time of year rolls around. For teachers the school year has technically already started. They have to go in and get their rooms ready for the arrival of all the kids that will be flooding into the rooms.

I honestly cannot say I miss going back to school at all. I was a total wreck every year. I was (still am) a disorganized mess. Way back in my day (when we used to walk 12 miles to school in the freezing rain) we did not have handy organizational tools like the Dymo label maker. I wish I had one of those back then. I would have labeled everything, my books, notebooks; I would have used it to put my schedule on each and every one of my books and folders. I had an irrational fear of losing my schedule and not knowing where I was supposed to be. The labels would have been great and Color labels even better. They certainly would not have faded like writing on the book covers does and it certainly would be much neater that’s for sure.

So when you’re getting ready to head back to school be sure to add a Dymo label maker to your shopping list. It will make heading back to the classroom so much easier no matter whether it is kindergarten or college. You’ll find a valuable use for it, I’m sure.