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Nov 072010
Worlds Best Cat Litter

It really isn’t just a self-aggrandizing name, it really is the World’s Best Cat Litter. I won a bag in a contest on Twitter and tried it out on our cats and I just loved it and so did the cats. It is almost dustless, which was so nice when filling the box. No cloud […]

Feb 142010

It might seem like one of the scariest parts of starting an online business can be figuring out credit card processing and how to implement that into your online shopping cart. Just the costs alone can be frightening, but it does not need to be that way. Surprisingly online credit card processing is a very […]

Feb 142010

I have often seen (and have even written about) the great prices on eyeglasses you can get from Zenni Optical, but until I recently read the article, “Cheap eyeglasses are a reality. Check out Eric’s review of Zenni Optical” over at I hadn’t really given buying my glasses from them more than a second […]

Feb 252009
I Want It Wednesday: Life-sized Captains Chair

Boy would I love one of these for my collection, but at around two grand I cannot foresee ever having one. Noting in my Star Trek collection has cost me more than $200. I just can’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on a collectible. (funny though I spent that on my other […]

Feb 042009
I Want It Wednesday: weRobot T-Shirt

So often my “Want It” posts are for things that are completely out of reach for me, but today’s post is something I will be getting. After viewing Monday’s Big Bang Theory I had to go on a search for the t-shirt that Sheldon was wearing. My search brought me to a cool website (Chop […]

Dec 222008
Warm the Dogs

A while back offered up cool camo dog coats for only $1.99 plus shipping/handling (with tax it came to around $8 a coat —  not bad at all). I did not realize how cool a deal this was until I actually got my coats (got three altogether for my nephew and niece doggies). Theses […]

Oct 102008
Cool Steampunk Skeleton T-shirt

 This is one of the coolest skeleton tees I have seen in a long time (and I love the glow in the dark ones). This one is just so unique. Want to know what makes a clockwork man tick? You’ll see it with this cool shirt. Available now at your local ThinqueGeek Merchantile. ThinkGeeks ubergeek […]

Sep 032008
I Want It Wednesday: Telescope

I have always loved looking up at the night sky. Funny thing is I have never anything better than binoculars to view the heavenly bodies with. The night sky is one of the things I miss most since I have moved out of the country and into the city. Now I barely get to see […]