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Sep 142008

We went out to eat for the first time since the new PA ban on smoking went into effect. I have to say it was great walking through the front of the California Bar and Grill without having to deal with all those smokers in the restaurant. It really did make our eating experience so much more pleasant.

Biggest problem I can see with this new ban is that people hover by the door smoking instead of being polite and moving a little further off. So while we were lucky not to have encountered these people on the way in our exit from the restaurant wasn’t as lucky. Upon opening the door to leave we were hit by a cloud of smoke, which of course we had to walk through to leave the building.

Why couldn’t this law have been no smoking period and include not within 50 feet of public doorways?

Sep 122008

PA No Smoking Law went into effect yesterday. Of course this has pissed off a slew of smokers, but as a non-smoker and someone who is actually allergic to smoke I am very happy to see this law finally come to Pennsylvania. Smoking really is a filthy, dirty habit and your lungs will thank the state for stepping in on their behalf.

While this is a statewide ban on indoor smoking across the state there are a few exceptions like bars that have less than 20% of their sales in food and casinos. Personally, I think this should have been wide sweeping and covered ALL businesses. It hasn’t hurt bars in California at all.

It will be great to not have to hang all my close outside after being in a restaurant and knowing I will be healthier without the second hand smoke. No more feeling sick when the smoke from a table of smokers blows across our table (it always seemed like non-smoking sections were still way too close to the smokers).

I have to agree with who said, “A complete non-smoking law everywhere would have made it simple. But then again, no one has ever accused our state General Assembly of doing what’s right for the people. They are too often swayed by special-interest groups and campaign contributions.”  How true is that?