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May 092009 Doesn't Know Their Pop Culture

The fine and rather sarcastic folks over at must have been hungover when they reviewed the Spock action figure on their site. Take a look at the picture to the right. As you can see they are clearly talking about the NEW Spock action figures from Playmates Toys, but are comparing it to Leonard […]

Mar 182009
I Want It Wednesday: Zombie Pets

I saw these and thought I have to have those. These are just TOO funny. Little Zombie pets for your pockets. Set includes a zombie cat, zombie dog, zombie rabbit, zombie bird and zombie fish. I think they should do even more zombie animals. I would like to see a zombie farm set with a […]

Mar 042009

CBS announces new licensing agreements to hock Twilight Zone merchandise inlcuding a US postage stamp (probably the reason stamps are going up to 44 cents in May). Other products will include games, dolls and Hallmark ornaments. So I guess the new Star Trek film isn’t the only thing CBS is whoring out.

Feb 012009
Klingon Keyboard for the Diehard Klingon Fan

Perhaps if you dress as a Klingon and speak the language at conventions this gadget might be for you. Then again if you are a hunt and peck typist, like myself, you might not want to go there. But if the Klingon dictionary alone is not good enough for you, you’ll want to get yourself […]

Oct 152008
I Want It Wednesday: Zombie Plush Toy

This is one of the coolest plush toys since the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail (which is also available at ThinkGeek). These clever geeks over at ThinkGeek made these super cuddly, scarey, creepy little Zombies that you can rip to shreds. But the best part about this product might just be their marketing […]