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Mar 012009

So I guess it is true that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, sort of. Last Fall the Star Trek Experience, which I NEVER got to go to, closed its doors. Bummer not only for me but tons of Trekkies every where.

Well good news all you geeks out there Star Trek The Experience is coming back to Los Vegas (or maybe it never left). So now I can finally get my sorry butt out to the desert and head to this Trek mecca (before it disappears again).

Guess while I am out there I should head off to Roswell too. As these are both on my big TO DO LIST I keep talking about.

Feb 272009

War Dog MemorialThe Hartsdale Pet Cemetery near New York City has made it to the Top 10 Places of Rest list “alongside the Taj Mahal in India and the Great Pyramids of Giza in Egypt” according to ZooToo Pet News website. Lonely Planet published the list in their book 2009 Best of Travel (I assume it is a book of lists about traveling in 2009). I don’t know about the rest of the book but this list in particular interests me quite a bit and I will be adding it to my TO DO LIST (which may or may not ever get done).

The Hartsdale Pet Cemetery is the world’s oldest operating pet cemetery started way back in 1896 by Dr. Samuel Johnson. It also happens to be America’s first pet cemetery.

Poking around their website they have a war dog memorial at the cemetery that I would really like to see at some point. Maybe this summer we can take a trip up there (if my car can make it that far).

May 152008

A few years ago one of my best friends and I had a whirlwind vacation out to Los Angeles. I had just returned from a family vacation to southern Germany and the very next weekend I am back on a plane to LA for the weekend. Yes, you heard me right, I said for the weekend. Normally, when I go places I like to go and stay for a while. That way I get to see things and experience the area more.

We flew into LAX and went straight to our hotel. We were in town for the very first Farscape convention which was being held in our hotel. We really did not have the need to drive anywhere so neither of us had rented a car. So no going anywhere other than the convention or so you would think.

Between convention events we went out to Griffiths Park to visit Forrest J Ackerman’s sci-fi museum, which was amazing. Then that evening my best friend from high school who was now living in LA picked us up and gave us a late night tour of the city. Renee drove us all over the place. She took Mary and me to this neat little sci-fi cafe and out to the coast so Mary could touch the pacific ocean. This was my Mary’s first trip to Los Angeles and it would have been more interesting for her had we had the time to actually take some sightseeing tours a bit, but we did not.

We;ll just have to plan more carefully and take the time to schedule something through Hey, they may even be offering up a contest to win a tour. That would be cool. I know right now you can win $150 iTunes gift card just for signing up to their newsletter.

For vacations across the country look to for Things to do in New York City to LA.

Apr 302008

Texas is a big state with lots of things to do. I am not sure one visit would be enough. I luckily have friends who live in different areas of the state so I should be able to plan several trips to get the most out of the state especially when it comes to making plans to visit my friends in Houston.

I just came across this beautiful historic site, W.H. Stark House that I have to fit into one of the trips even if it is on the wrong side of the state, but thank goodness for those friends in Houston. It is a huge Victorian home turned into a museum located in the City of Orange about 120 miles east of Houston. I absolutely love the Victorian time period. Not that I would have wanted to be a female back in those days as I am certainly not into wearing all the dresses and lace, but I can appreciate the beauty of it all.

Lately I have been really getting into the whole steampunk scene too and this place fits that bill to a tee. Just seeing the outside of this place makes me want to go. It is huge and gorgeous! The folks that built it, William Henry Stark and Miriam Melissa Lutcher Stark, were avid collectors. And we all know collecting is an obsession and not just a hobby. You have got to see the stuff they have online and that is only a small portion of the entire collection on view at the W.H. Stark House.

They even have a bronze death mask of Napoleon Bonaparte. This is right up my morbid little alley. Besides that there is other artwork, beautiful vintage household items (that only the rich then and now could ever hope to own) and not to be missed is the wonderfully steampunk 1909 Hupmobile Roadster. What an amazing looking automobile. What H. G. Wells or Jules Verne fan wouldn’t want to have that vehicle?

While the online images of this place are beyond amazing I truly do suggest that anyone near this place goes there.

Dec 122007

I am so sick of being cooped up in the house. And now the weatherman is threatening me with horrible weather. Last weekend we saw how an ice storm literally froze the mid-west. Heck, it looked like Mr. Freeze from Batman hit the area with his freeze ray. The poor folks in three states, which have now declared states of emergency, are sending their bad weather my way.

I don’t want to be stuck in the house with freezing cold temperatures outside and ice and snow swirling around me. I want to be somewhere warm.

Now is the perfect time to get away, unless of course you’re me, because the fine folks down in Florida (gloriously sunny and warm Florida) are having a great lodging special. Right now when you buy two nights you’ll get a third night free. You can book your stay at Amelia Island in any number of participating hotels and bed & breakfasts. Amelia Island has more to offer than simply escaping from the winter weather. They have historic tours, fishing, sailing, hiking, and golf just to name a few of their fun in the sun things to do.

Can you think of anything better than escaping the ice-cold winter weather and exchanging it for a warm glowing sunset on a beach? Since I am stuck in the cold of north eastern united states why not head to warmer climes and enjoy that sunset for me.