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Mar 112009

Boris got a new toy the other day and he LOVES it!

It is called the MAGNETICAT (get it magnetic cat — LOL). It has a magnet in the toy and magnets in the base so when the toy moves it keeps going for a little while to tease your cat back to it for more play.

Boris goes over and rubs the steel pole the toy is attached to and then the magnets get to moving the toy and he thinks, “what the heck, I’m here might as well play now” and plops down and kills it. See the video for how much fun he has.

And thanks to the folks over at he’s going to be a star! (They have posted his video on their site for the whole world to see!)

Update: Boris’ Magneticat video is on their blog too!

Jul 102008

Well, I was hoping to be able to actually watch all the shows I had on my crappy Motorola DVR from Comcast before it finally died, but it does not look like I will be able to unless I do it quick.

I got home tonight and it was doing that same lovely trick of going to a black screen after I pause or try to rewind. I had to do a hard reboot again, which thankfully worked again this time, but for how long?

 Basically, my hard drive is slowly going bad and I have to get a new box from Comcast. Shame they have not come up with the technology to transfer the saved content to a new hard drive or letting us attached an external hard drive to expand the memory. Oh, TIVO you are starting to look good even at the additional costs.

Jun 052008

YouTube was one of those sites I was late to get into. I mean really into. But alas it has happened and I often find myself spending hours looking for comedians, cartoons, LEGO films, silly how-to-videos, silly pet videos and more on You could waste your time in worse ways you know. The visoes below are pretty funny. I first stumbled on these guys (at least I think it is the same group animation and voice seem the same) on that lame Jack Black TV show that tried to cash in on the YouTube video craze.

Feb 232008

Okay, so I have had lost of fun with YouTube [even though I generally hate the idea of uploading everything and anything to the web]. Some of the stuff is just great. As you can see by all my recent posts I like Chad Vader. But now to return to normal, okay, somewhat normal. Or […]

Mar 162007

A new series on VH1 produced by funny man Jack Black has a companion website Acceptible.TV where you can watch video episodes and vote for which series will continue. I it a little like American Idol for the little tv series. Some of the series are better left unviewed. But here is a little example […]