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Apr 262008

Earlier this week I wrote about all the Star Trek references in Monday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory but I had missed the first few minutes of the show. Thanks to for posting full episodes I was able to see the rest of the show and get you all the following transcripts of the stuff I missed on Monday.

Howard: Yo, more details about the new Star Trek film. There’s going to be a scene depicting Spock’s birth.

Rajesh: I’d be more interested in a scene depicting Spock’s conception.

Sheldon: Oh, please. For Vulcans mating or if you will , Pon Far is an extremely private matter.

Leonard: Still I would like to know the details. His mother was human and his father was Vulcan they couldn’t just conceive.

Howard: Maybe they had to go to a clinic. Imagine Spock’s dad in a little room with a copy of Pointy Ears & Shapely Rears.

Rajesh: How come on Star Trek everybody’s private parts are the same? No alien lady ever told Captain Kirk, “Hey get your thing out of my nose”.

Sheldon: You want me to use my intelligence in a tawdry competition? Would you ask Picasso to play Pictionary? Would you ask Noah Webster to play Boggle? Would you ask Jacque Cousteau to play Go Fish?Leonard: Come on you need a four person team. We’re for people.Sheldon: By that reasoning we should also play bridge, hold up a huppa and enter the Olympic bobsled competition.

Penny: Tickets to that please.

Leonard: Sheldon. What, do I have to quote Spock’s dying words to you?

Sheldon: No. Don’t.

Leonard: The needs of the many

Howard: Out weigh the needs of the few

Sheldon: Or the one. Damn it I’ll do it. (Holds up the Vulcan salute.)

Feb 082008

I got a small enevelope in the mail containing the very elusive Elf Spock Minimate.

This particular minimate is not available any where [except maybe evilBay] as they were a holiday giveaway from Diamond Select Toys to their retailers and folks they do business with.

Once I heard about him I had to have me one! Not that I am a completist when it comes to my collection [I still need a YE Yar to complete my Playmates Star Trek Collection], but I have been trying to get just about everything and well I just love the minimates since they are so small and cute.

You can check out the Spock Elf at Heck you can even join and rate him if you so desire.

May 132007

I am working on a big [big for me] LEGO project. I have purchased the instructions for some really cool Star Trek sets from BaronSat. And these will be really cool once I get all the pieces and can start building.

I spent all day saturday digging through my lego pieces and got maybe 50% of the stuff together.

Then I spent the day on sunday going through getting the other pieces ordered. I am still missing a few pieces but once I get it all together I will post pictures here and on my LEGO pages.