LEGO Brand Retail
Nov 122007

I got a chance to speak to an assistant manager at the Wal-mart in question regarding the overpriced, non-discounted new release DVDs.

She said she would take it up with their marketing manager and that without anyone actually telling them the price increase bothered them they would never know. What a crock. They were just taking advantage of the people in that small town by not offering them what is offered in 5 other area Wal-marts and online to boot.

I was told they do not price comparison other Wal-marts or their own website. So I guess what they are telling me is that any Wal-mart any where can for no reason other than they want a few extra bucks jack the prices up. There is no corporate control at the store level of prices. It is a shame. I know they have lost my business. I would rather buy online from then go back there even if they go back to the same sale prices for the new release DVDs.

Nov 072007

For the past two weeks Walmart has really, really pissed me off. I stopped by on Tuesday the October 31st to pick up a copy of Spider-man 3. That was the release date and they advertise the newest releases at unbeatable prices or something like that. But it is a big ole lie. I grabbed Spidey off the shelf and headed to the check out. Got there and it rang up at full price! It is always on sale on release week. So I left the DVD at the checkout assuming they forgot to mark it down because they were too busy with their Halloween parade the store was having that night. What a nightmare!

So I called around [there are three other Wal-marts and a Target in the area]. It was on sale every where except that one Wal-mart. So I went the next night and got it for the $14.99 I was expecting to get it for the night before.

I made the mistake of heading to the same Wal-mart the next week for the November 6th release of Ratatouille. And once again this particular Wal-Mart did not have the new releases on sale any longer. WTF? I had my niece with my and I was going to buy two. I asked her if she minded waiting and I would buy them somewhere else on sale. Heck ten bucks is ten bucks. She said it was okay so we left the DVDs sit on the shelf. But this time [as they weren’t doing anything] I asked whether or not the new releases were on sale any more. He said, “Corporate decided they did not have to have them on sale any more since they don’t have any local competition.” Hello! There is a blockbuster next door and 3 more Wal-marts within twenty minutes of the place. Doesn’t this almost smack of price gouging when every other store including other Wal-marts offer a discount the first week a movie is released? Just because there is not another store within 5 minutes of them does not mean they should gouge us for the extra ten dollars on an item being sold in other Walmart stores at a discounted price.

Well I know I will not be buying my DVDs from that particular Wal-mart any more. Most likely I won’t even bother stopping there for anything any longer. I hope they will see a drastic drop in new release sales [I am sure they probably already did]. Guess I will head to Target next week for the release of Shrek 3!

Aug 282007

More and more pet foods are being recalled. Almost everyday it seems. The latest recall is for dog food from Mars Petcare. [see FDA press release fo rmore info]

Here is identification information on the recalled products:

Product: Krasdale Gravy dry dog food
Size: Five-pound bag
UPC Code: 7513062596
Best By Date: July 16, 2008 & July 17, 2008
Best By Date Location: Back of bag
Distribution: Stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania

Product: Red Flannel Large Breed Adult Formula dry dog food
Size: 50-pound bag
UPC Code: 4286900062
Best By Date: July 12, 2008
Best By Date Location: Back of bag
Distribution: Stores in Reedsland and Richlandtown, Pa.

 And just before that we had jerky style treats being recalled from Wal-mart stores [who ever really trusted the cheap brands brought into Wal-mart or Dollar stores any way?].

 I don’t know about you but since the vast recalls on pet foods earlier this year I am suspect of every brand on the list and will most likely never buy those foods or treats for my cats ever again. Keep your eyes on the FDA’s site for info as it comes to light or to research past recalls. We want our pets to be safe.

May 302007

I was in the parking lot of the local Wal-Mart [so that should tell you the type of people we are dealing with here] when I heard this woman screaming F*** this and F*** that on the top of her lungs.

So of course I had to look and listen while putting my groceries into my car. She was yelling at what I could only assume was her daughter [the poor kid was so sunk down in the front seat trying to hide out of embarrssment you could not really tell who or what this deluge was being directed at].

All I could make out of this madness was: “you’re nothing but a stupid F***ing kid”, “I know right from wrong” [apparently not or you would not treat another human like this], “don’t tell me, I saw it with my own eyes”, “she was in your bed and her filthy hands were all over you”, “good people don’t act that way” and on and on. She did not even take a breath when I walked up next to the car to return my cart [they were parked next to the cart return] and paused to look into the car]. She did not even curtail the language with a small impressionable child in the carseat in the back, why would she stop being an a*hole just because I walked up.

 I really wanted to reach out to this young person and tell them the rest of the wolrd is not this bad. Most of all I wished I could stick around to make sure it did not turn violent [it looked like it could go that way], but my frozen foods would no allow it.  I am sorry. If you are this person or know them please email me.  I hope your evening got better.