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May 012009

Mean dogs are given a second chance at life in Idaho. According to the Associated Press dogs that are too mean to be pets are now patrolling prison grounds.

It is good to hear that dogs that would normally be put down because they are un-adoptable are finding a home in the prison system there. Apparently they are just as good if not better than their human counterparts when it comes to being a prison sentry. This mix of German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Belgian Malinois, Pit bulls and Boxers haven’t allowed a single escape since 1986. No one has even tried since the 90s. Officer Amos was quoted as saying, “What makes them a bad pet makes them good sentries.”

Keep up the good work of being a bad dog and keep those bad humans where they belong prison. My only hope is more states see the value of putting these dogs to good use instead of simply putting them down.

Sep 252008

Fly Fusion Pen LeapFrog FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is more than just a digital pen. It is an educational tool as well. It is made by Leapfrog so we adults that are using it sometimes feel like we are using a kid’s toy more than a productive piece of equipment. I would say that the fly fusion is geared more toward the junior high (oops I am showing my age there, I mean middle school) and high school crowds, but college students and adults can also use it.

As you write on special paper with the pen it scans your text into the pen then you download your notes to your PC where you can store, email, edit and organize them. You can get additional math and language programs for the pen as well. All your applications can be accessed through a control panel on the fly fusion notebooks. You can even play MP3s through the pen.

Since I’m not in school I don’t really need the added test prep or math programs, but the composition and language programs could be of some use. For the most part the pen work s pretty well. I do have to fix a few errors once my handwriting is converted to a word document, but I would need to proof read a typed document as well. For $ 79 you get the pen, a very thin notebook and $10 download card to use with the enclosed software so you can add games and other apps right away. If you head over to the online store you can pick up additional notebooks, ink, memory cards, a case and other goodies.

I bought the Target exclusive black pen because I thought it looked classier. Well it doesn’t any more because nothing else comes in black. So my pen now looks like Frankenstein. Also the ink is only about 2 thirds that of a regular pen so you’ll want extras right away and I have not seen the ink refills in any store just online. Ink is available in blue, red or green but not black. I like the pen it is nice to carry a tablet and pen with me instead of my laptop. If you do a lot of writing (blogging) you might want to take a look a the fly fusion for under a hundred bucks it is a handy tool to have.

Right now the FLY Fusion Pentop Computer is only $50 at Amazon.

Sep 152008

Normally I do not usually put going to the dentist above anything, not even work, but I have to say I am glad I was at the dentist today.

Driving to the dentist I heard about a massive police action in West Chester where I work. At first it only sounded like it was one street that was blocked off then the next time it was on the radio it was another street then another one. Turned out to be a bomb at one of the parking garages. Since I work just a few blocks away it really was a good day to go to the dentist.

Which would you prefer a trip to the dentist or a bomb a few blocks away?

Aug 292008

Today started out very iffy, but it turned itself around (a little bit at least). I was on my way to work when my check engine light came on. My car is only three years old. It does have almost 93,000 miles on it due to my daily commute to work. My big fear is that it will die before I even get it paid off. Thank goodness the light came on close to where my parents live so when it started hesitating I was too scared at least I wasn’t on the turnpike! I borrowed my parent’s car and headed off to work secure in the knowledge that my dad would take care of finding out what was wrong with my car. I still don’t know.

But to add insult to injury (so to speak) the guy at the turnpike when I went to pay my toll was a bit of a jackass. I handed him my ticket and $20. His response was to stand there like a big idiot holding my twenty and telling me that the toll is only 75 cents. As if I did not know how much it was after driving this route for nearly five years. I looked back at him and just said, “I know. That is all I have (and it was too or I would have given him something else).” Was he that dense or just that lazy that he did not want to count out my change to me?

So I finally get to work and everything is business as usual. Nothing too taxing, which made me happy. Plus the added bonus of a free lunch. Even though I still don’t know what is up with my vehicle my day wasn’t a total pile o’ pooh.

While I was writing this my mom called they fixed my car and I can take theirs back tomorrow. It was the camshaft position sensor, whatever that is.

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Jun 242008

Every day it seems that my allergies get worse. The other day I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to a co-workers perfume. I have always been overly sensitive to strong smells especially if my sinuses are infected or if my seasonal allergies are in full bloom (so to speak). But this was more than […]

Jun 242008

Small businesses often have inappropriate email addresses like or This is not at all professional and often makes your company look as if it is not legit. It really does not take too much time or money to set up a professional email with your own domain name. All you need is a […]

Sep 032007
New Mouse in the House

I just picked up the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse 3000 and I rather like it. Although I cannot seem to figure out exactly what makes it a notebook mouse over any other mouse. Maybe it is a little smaller than the other ones, which I like. Seems as if most of the Microsoft Mice […]