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Jun 172009

Loud BarkersA group of 30 dogs let out the world’s loudest bark the other day according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Their barks reached 115 decibels. Man that’s loud!

The recorded was previously held by a larger group of dogs in the US. Wonder if the number of dogs now factors into the equation for that record? If I wanted to try and break this record would I need to do it with 30 or less dogs and be louder or just be louder?

Guess we’ll never know as I will never be around that many barking dogs to find out. Or maybe I could just call the folks over at the Guinness World Records and ask them (but that’s too much work for me).

Wonder what kind of tail wind you get off a group of doggies like that? Maybe that could be another record. If it isn’t it should be.

from the BBC News via