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Aug 012007

Dateline did a story on stolen iPods. Problem I am seeing is the iPods in their investigation are not stolen. They were found. There is a difference.

If they were taken out of the car or a person’s handbag then they are stolen. But if you place it on a bench and walk away and are nowhere around that is found not stolen.

I find this bait and trap program a bit disturbing. Especially since it is targeting minors. But come on they weren’t really stealing well at least malicious stealing.

And maybe my biggest beef with Dateline is the fact that they see nothing wrong with bending their morality to lie to people to get their stories and violate copyright laws to mess with the software for the devices to track their lost iPods [yes lost not stolen]. If I redistributed the Apple software better believe I would be nailed with fines or jail time. Here they are airing it to the world and what legal action will befall them? Nada.

Dateline, Dateline. Next time try to catch people breaking into lockers, stealing handbags or out of handbags, or out of cars. Not in unwatched bags lying around with no id or receipts in the bag. Just like the guy in the show says how is this any different than finding money on the street?

Now when and if Apple ever gets on the ball and helps people track down their iPods then maybe simply finding one becomes a different situation. But not when it is a brand spanky new one still in the box just when it is an already registered one [those taken out of lockers and handbags etc.]

iTunes U. Click. Sync. Learn. Download on iTunes. Load your “stolen” iPod with tunes.

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