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May 072008

May 1st brought a slew more Indian Jones LEGO sets.  We already had the The Temple Escape ($60),  Race for the Stolen Treasure ($30),  The Lost Tomb($20) and the Motorcycle Chase ($10).  the only one of those three I still need to get is the Race for the Stolen Treasure set and I might have to put that one off for a little while as these new sets have me all excited!

 Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets  Indiana Jones Lego Sets

The Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Lego sets available as of May 1, 2008 are: Jungle Duel ($10), River Chase ($20), Jungle Cutter($40), and The Temple of the Crystal Skull ($70). So far the only one I have picked up is the cheapest one The Jungle Duel set. Fun little set that includes three minifigs. You get Indy, Mutt and Spalko. The cloth tent is pretty cool. I could see a whole bunch of these set up as a military camp or boyscott troop. I can definitely see the steampunk and diselpunk lego fans making some fun stuff from all these Indy sets that’s for sure.

Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets Indiana Jones Lego Sets

I really hope LEGO keeps pushing out the Indiana Jones sets for us adult fans as well as the kids. So far these are available at Toys R Us and Wal-Mart. Target hasn’t jumped on the band wagon yet as they only have the first four Lego sets none of the new ones and none of the action figures either. If you are looking to pick these up I don’t recommend TRU as their prices are $2-10 more than any where else including and

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